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Meet the Connect & Grow Team

Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 4 - December 2023

From left to right: Natalia Walker, Viviene Derwent, Jacqui Grant (Me) and Kathy Ashton

Since I started this magazine in September 2023, we have grown in the articles and sections. I realised to bring you the best possible value was to add to the team.

Kathy Ashton was the first person to join me in writing articles for the magazine. If you have been following the magazine since September, you know that Kathy brings us some great tips for nutrition and fun recipes each month; in December, she gave us three great recipes.

December Connect and Grow Nutrition article


After attending a women's networking event and meeting Natalia Walker and listening to her share, I could see the passion she has for helping people achieve their goals and the way she takes you through visualisation exercises; I knew that she would be a great addition to the Connect and Grow magazine also.

You can learn more about Natalia and her work on her website at the end of this month's article.

Goals and Reflections - Connect and Grow Magazine - Natalia Walker

Vivienne Derwent, I have known for many years; our passion for personal fitness has brought us together, and we spent hours sharing ideas and knowledge on how to train people in fitness, both personal trainers.

Each month, Vivienne will share her fitness tips with everyone; you can read her first article here.

Fitness & the Holidays - Connect and Grow Magazine

We are a fun and committed group of women who each bring incredible strengths and passion to the magazine and all our various clients.


(C) Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 4 December 2023

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