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Empowering NDIS Disability Business

NDIS Sole Traders and Companies

With over 36 years experience in Health and Disability, along with qualifications in Business Compliance, Training and Assessment Jacqui and the Team are ready to help you and your business be a success. As you go through our list of services, you can click on the links to be taken to the page covers what you are looking for.

Our Services

* Starting Your Business 

Visit this page to learn how to start your business and what we have available to assist you includes:

Support worker

 Support Coordinator


* Growing your Business

We can help you grow your business - starts with a session together and develop a plan

* Documents, Policies and Procedures

Looking for starter kit, documents, policies and procedures, we have you covered. Our Generic templates are a great place to start ready for you to add your business details and information, add and subtract information to ensure they represent YOUR business accurately. The templates are your responsibility to ensure they are accurate at the time you personalise them.

* Internal Audit and Gap Analysis

Preparing for audit, we can work with you, complete a gap analysis and internal audit.

Starts with a call: Discovery Call 

* NDIS Registration

We work WITH you on this process from application to onboarding your first participant. Book a call to discuss the options

* Courses 

Over 25 courses online and self paced industry related and some personal ones.

* Empowerment Business Coaching & Consultations

Supporting you in your business.

Workplace Neurodiversity Training 

This training helps you and your staff understand neurodiversity and work with people who are neurodivergent

* Advertise your business, events with us.

Connect and Grow Magazine - online and eBook version.

* Networking events  & Expo

Connect and Grow coffee catch up's, 1/2 day events, Connect and Grow Expo's 

Not sure where to start, why not book a FREE call

Starting your business 

Book a Break Free Seminar for YOUR Staff 
Learn how we can provide your staff with online learnings

We believe in empowering staff and the business.

When you have staff that feel supported and empowered you will have long term success and results in your business.

Staff Wellbeing is extremely important, especially in the disability sector where there is a high burn out rate. Which is where our Health and Wellbeing 2 hour Seminar is perfect for your staff.

Neurodiversity Workplace Training 

Many of your participants may be neurodiverse and this may be something your staff are not family with, we have pout together a 2 hour seminar  Understanding Neurodiversity, which includes Amazon Best selling book: Empowering Me: understanding ASD and ADHD eBook which everyone receives a copy of.

Contact us TODAY to book these seminars in, they are delivered via teams video or where possible in person.


1300 494 294



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