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Feature Article - Caring with Dignity & Co

Connect and Grow Magazine: May - June 2024 Edition 9

Person-centered, Compassionate and Community focused!

We want to introduce you to Care With Dignity & Co, a family-run, nurse-led registered NDIS provider that delivers person-centred and compassionate community caregiving to people with disabilities, the elderly, and TAC participants.


Their services include in-home nursing, personal care, domestic assistance, and social and community support.


When you visit Care With Dignity & Co’s website, one of the first things you will see is


‘Dignified care, delivered by dependable locals’.


This quote describes exactly what Care With Dignity & Co. is all about: trusting care to locals who understand it intimately. They exist to deliver life-changing support anchored in person-centred care delivered by their neighbourhood caregivers—empowering those living with a disability, the elderly, and TAC participants to live with dignity.

About Karen


Karen Thomas is the founder of Care With Dignity & Co and is a local nurse with over a decade of experience who is on a personal mission to deliver life-changing community care support to those living with a disability, the elderly and TAC participants in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs.


Karen has lived in Melbourne’s southeast for her entire life. This community isn’t just a location for her; it is her home.


Her journey recently took a deeply personal turn when her father battled and sadly passed from pancreatic cancer. Navigating the healthcare system alongside him exposed her to a lack of compassion within hospitals and home care agencies.


This frustration led to her founding Care With Dignity & Co.


She’s determined to ensure those living with a disability, recovering from a traumatic transport accident, and the elderly not only survive but live with the dignity they truly deserve.



With a focus on their local community and life-changing caregiving, Karen and her team at Care With Dignity & Co are ready to collaborate with other healthcare providers and specialists in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs.

As I sat and listened to Karen share with me about her business, its current state, and her goals for the business, I could hear the passion in her voice and see her eyes light up as she shared her vision.

Karen believes in growing her business and team to ensure she provides the right person for clients/participants who require their services.

She also believes in checking with clients to ensure they are happy with the services and is ready to address any concerns they may have promptly.


Client Testimonial

“I cannot express enough how thankful I am for the outstanding support my loved one and family has received from Karen at Care With Dignity & Co.

The NDIS nursing and care support from her and her team have made an incredible impact in our lives. It’s great to be with a local NDIS provider who cares.

Highly recommend.”


Fellipe V, Cranbourne West




Education is a tool that empowers us and gives us the ability to be the best we can!

Karen is passionate about continuing education for those in the industry to keep their skills up to date and to provide the best caregiving possible.

Through the sister brand Priority Health Care Training, she is qualified to train healthcare workers in mental health first aid and medication management.


Both of these services are extremely important for many people who work in community health, especially in NDIS disability support.


 Today is a great time to contact Karen at Care With Dignity & Co to discuss getting started and accessing their services.




Written by Jacqui Grant 

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