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Connect and Grow Advertising

When it comes to growing your business, whatever that business maybe, the RIGHT exposure is important. 

Jacqui has been in magazine's one TV, Radio and even on a Billboard in Times Square New York and each time business has grown...

With Connect and Grow Magazine and Podcast we would love to give your business the opportunity to be see by more people, it may take a little time for the traffic to your website to increase but with consistency it will happen.

We have a variety of ways that you can advertise your business with us and yes there is a s is a fee, depending on the package you choose will determine that fee.

You will receive the ebook version of the magazine for each month your business is listed. the links to the business listing and you will also be included in our business listing page.

If you would like to be a feature in the magazine, then we also provide you with the print copy of the magazine, the direct link to the magazine,  in addition to everything else.

If you have an event that you would like to be seen then we can accommodate that also.

Also we have the Ultimate Advertising bundle available which includes:

Feature article

 12 Months business listing

 Live Connect and Grow Radio interview & Podcast 

Interested, please complete the application form:

We will then be in touch to discuss your choice and keep you updated each step of the way.

More information on our prices and what options we have available

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