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We are excited to bring to you a variety of businesses that provide various services in Health, Fitness, and well-being,  as well as those with an NDIS plan Myaged care plan.

Whether you have a personal goal or are looking for a business to support you with your NDIS plan, we have you covered. 

We launched this directory on 26th February 2024 after having people ask us for service providers, especially after readings our Connect and Grow Magazine and looking at the business in there.

We currently have the following sections and will add as time goes by

NDIS Service Providers - Support workers, nurses, Support Coordination

NDIS Plan Managers

Allied Health Professionals

Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Business.

Life Coaches

You can use the arrows to see more providers.

As the Directory grows we will redesign it. For now it is all in sections.

If you would like your business advertised here in the Directory only or in both the Connect and Grow Magazine and the Directcry you can apply here:

Connect and Grow Magazine Subscription: Sign up here

Connect and Grow Magazine Business Listing - Here 


Disclaimer: We have checked each business out, however also encourage you to discuss your needs with each person to identify if they are the right person for you. Always contact the right service provider for what you require. We understand that things do change with business' 

NDIS Service Providers

Use the arrows to see the providers, the slides will also move themselves

Caring Hands Connect

Providing Support workers, nursing and other services to this with an NDIS plan, Myaged care plan.

The team also provide services to TAC clients.

Service areas: Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra

Visit:  website to learn more

Call Today on: 0491 064 725 



We are 24x7 Available

a circle with a blue house and the words around the circle are Caring hands connect

NDIS Plan Managers

image has the words NDIS plan managers nexus

Nexus Plan Managers

Working WITH people with an NDIS plan and providers ensures services are paid on time. Regular support and updates on NDIS plans.

Taking the stress out of managing YOUR NDIS Plan Melbourne-based – Services Australia-wide.


Visit Website to learn more: Nexus Plan Managers

Call TODAY: (03) 9500 8666

Allied Health Professionals

Activate Allied Health

Allied Health professional team located in Balwyn North is ready to support you with all your exercise physiology and speech requirements, both private and NDIS Participants. 


Visit Website:  Activate Allied Health

Contact: 03 8849 9795  Email:

rectangle with a heartbeat line and the words activate allied health

Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

Kathy Ashton - Health 104


Kathy is a medical nutritionist, who  provides nutritional information to both private clients as well as those who have an NDIS Plan.

Kathy's approach to diet and wellbeing is holistic and looking at what is possible.

To book an appointment with Kathy contact the team at Health 104

Visit website: Health 104 

Call Today:1300 003 082 

rectantly with a lotus flower and the words Health 104

Life Coach

Abundant Heart Coaching

Meet Sally Holden a coach with a passion for working with you to achieve your Health goals.

Sally is very familiar with what it is like to live with burnout and chronic fatigue.

Sally has a wide range of services available to you, from one to one coaching to retreats

Visit Abundant Heart Coaching website to learn more.


Visit Website:  Abundant Heart Coaching

Contact: (+061) 428 316 546  Email:

IMage pink heart the words in the middle Abundant Heart Coaching , Believe Be Do
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