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About Jacqui 

Jacqui Grant, where to start?

Building Break Free Consultancy as a successful company has been one of my amazing dreams come true.

Working as a nurse in various roles for over 35 years, I always believed there was more that I could help people achieve their goals, always looking to learn more; 20 years ago, I became a Reiki Master. 

Diagnosed with ASD and ADHD late in life, made so much sense and why I have always been able to connect well with those who are neurodiverse. Living with being different and judged, not fitting in for over 40 years suddenly made sense with the diagnoses.

Fifteen years ago, I decided to study Coaching, Counselling and from there, it expanded into NLP ( Meta dynamics), learning how to run a successful workshop, and more.

Over the years, my health was impacted, and this was due in a massive way to my weight. My highest weight ever was 170kgs, with my weight going up and down, never really being able to keep it off for long periods, as I allowed the opinions and beliefs of others to lead my life.

Eventually, I regained control of my life and released all the excess weight (118kgs released). This journey started six years ago, and now the weight has been kept off for five years ( to date, 2022)

My techniques have included all I learned from Reiki, Meditation and Mindfulness, Coaching, NLP, Intuition, Personal Training, and life experiences.

Professional Development and Career path took to me where I have worked in GP clinics - delivering coaching programs working with patients with chronic diseases, Successfully running an NDIS Disability support services business, growing and expanding it, Support Coordination and Recovery Coaching.

I have been on committees at the start of the rollout of NDIS and, since then, have spoken at several working parties about disability and how it can be improved for all involved.

I have also been an Amazon Best Seller of 5 books and authored to date 18 books ( 2023), with the New book Embodied Queen released on 6th May 2023.

As part of business growth and my passion for seeing others succeed, I have developed techniques and strategies to help personal trainers understand bariatric surgery  - Beyond Bariatric Surgery Training and holistic practitioners add further qualifications and skills with our Certified Empowerment Practitioner Training.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace - creating a workplace that understands and embraces neurodiversity.

Wellbeing Programs - for all businesses that empower a place that is positive and supportive of staff wellbeing.

image of Jacqui Grant in garden wearing a blue dress
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