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Terms and Conditions

Break Free Consultancy Terms and Conditions 

Correct at time of publication and subject to change

1st January 2024


When paying for anything from our store or for our memberships, please ensure that your payment details and contact information are correct.

From time to time we may ask you to verify your payment details and that is to ensure that they are correct and to protect you.

Should we contact you regarding a payment please assist us.

Responsibility of Purchase - Documents, Policies and Procedures Templates

Upon purchase of an documents, policies and procedures templates you accept full responsibility for the accuracy of the templates and adapt them to suit your business. The templates, policies and procedures purchased are GENERIC templates and become your responsibility from the date and time of purchase. You are to ensure that you review the information, update it as required and ensure they represent your business and services. All information in them are subject to change at any time.


We will always ensure your information provided to us for payments remains confidential


Products  & Returns

We will always ensure that you receive the products you have received, that they are accurate at the time of purchase.

Our refund policy is with our digital products we are unable to provide a refund. 

This is due to the products being instantly downloaded.
If you have any concerns with the products please reach out to use.

To raise any concerns with regards to any returns please contact us directly at:

We ask that you contact us via email with any questions or concerns.

Coaching and events have specific cancelation policy provided with booking information, at the time of booking. No refunds provided after the event, coaching has occured.


Our books and magazine are protected by copyright and it is important to be aware of the copyright of each of them.

The articles that we publish online are correct at the time of publication and subject to change. All articles are protected by copyright.

We ask for respect in all communication and will show you the same.

We reserve the right to not engage in any communication that is abusive and to remove you from any groups, memberships and events if there is any form of disrespect and/or abuse


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