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Letter from Editor- April 2024

Connect and Grow Magazine - April 2024 - Edition 8

Welcome to April 2024 Edition 8 of Connect and Grow Magazine.


Let’s talk about Uniqueness and being true to who we are, and removing the labels.


This month, we are focused on encouraging you to be true to yourself and see yourself and your strengths.

We welcome two new authors this month:

Mark Bint, owner of On your Marks Care, an NDIS provider. Background in Mental Health


Tommy Trout, owner of Inclusive AF and Autism Ambassador.


Both Mark and Tommy have written a great article.


Book Corner: This Month, we are shining the light on Nathan Bell’s book:  

Kings of the New Age: The Quest of the Balancing Stones

Have you noticed how labels have become something that many people talk about? Recently, a 12-year-old asked me which pronoun I use and relate to. While I knew what she was referring to, it did stop me for a moment, and I had to think before I could respond, as to me, that was not a “normal" question.


I then asked her what she used, and she stated, “She, her.” She went on to explain that her friends were “they, them.” This is still something I am adjusting to.


Whilst I can respect other choices; I will look and there is a clear discussion around getting the identity labels correct in order not to offend someone.

When you can embrace who you are and be true to yourself, there will be a moment when the labels are not as important as the person and the connection to others, I will into this more in the Feature article for this month.


Natalia, Vivienne, and Kathy have written incredible articles. They were excited about the month's theme and had fun writing the articles for you.


 The community section is about the benefits of gardening and the number of people starting to create a community garden.


Our Business-to-Business Section focuses on bringing out the best in your business by being true to you and encouraging your staff to know their strengths and what makes them who they are.


Our event section includes a fundraising event in Seaford, Victoria, an expo I will attend in May, and the Connect and Grow expo in June 2024 in Doncaster.


Dare to be different and express yourself in a way that brings you happiness.

Our neurodiversity section we have a couple of articles with one written by Tommy Trout and the other a few tips by me.


Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery: as part of being who you are, it is important to embrace your body as you release weight and to accept the transitions with love and self-respect.


If you are looking for a health, fitness, or disability service provider, look at our Business listing section. We have a new business, a local café in Mulgrave, Victoria called the Meating House, a great place to visit for breakfast, lunch, and coffee with a friend.

It is important to embrace who you are and, as we covered last month, understand that there are changes. It is also important to surround yourself with tools and strategies that lift you up and inspire you.


We have launched our Connect and Grow with Jacqui Grant podcast, which includes the recordings. We are also sharing our YouTube videos, which include some of our interviews.


Connect and Grow Magazine is a different magazine about empowering you in your business and personal life. We encourage you to always be true to yourself and follow your dreams. There will be times of action and rest; it’s important to honour both.


We have added in a new section that is only in the paperback and e-magazine – Fun activities.


We would love to help your business be seen, so we invite you to advertise with us. The magazine is available in over 42,000 stores and on our website.


If you would like to advertise with us, be part of the magazine, reach out via email:



Thank you for reading and sharing our e-Magazine and the online articles; we love bringing this magazine to you.

Thank you for supporting us and the magazine.

Get your copy of the full magazine here:

(c) 2024 Break Free Consultancy Connect and Grow Magazine

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