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We have a variety of ways to work with you and your business

Take your time to go through all of the services and if not sure where to start of have a question, book a Discovery Call for you.

Our courses, Memberships and Programs  and Newsletter are run via Break Free Learning Centre. 

We also do have the option of coming to business.

Success IS YOURS

When it comes to working with you, your business we focus on what you can do, and spend time getting to know you the person.

Our services include:

* Disability business' - start up, growth and internal gap analysis - audits. NDIS Registration

* Disability Sector Store has documents, policies, procedures, resources for your business.

* Courses - we have a variety of courses for business in NDIS, and personal programs 

* Connect and Grow events - great way to connect and grow your business.

* Connect and Grow Magazine: where you can list your business, read articles on a variety of topics.

* Business Consultations & Coaching - Start with a discovery call so we can work out the best session for You and your goals

* Personal Empowerment Coaching: Start with a Discovery call

* Neurodiversity - business training in workplace, and NET Practitioner - this training is additional skills to understand how to work with your clients who are neurodivergent. 


Connect and Grow Podcast


Advertise with us - we have the opportunity for you to advertise your business with us in Connect and Grow Magazine - apply here

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Sarah Pearson /Counsellor/Edmonton Canada

“As a counselor I understand neurodiversity, however, I have no lived experienced, so when I hired two staff who are neurodiverse, we had a few challenges. A friend suggested Jacqui Grant. After speaking with Jacqui and reading her book Neurodiversity in the Workplace, I knew I had the right person. Jacqui spent time with my staff, HR manager, and myself. If you have any staff who are neurodiverse, contact Jacqui, her knowledge is extensive, her support incredible and she makes it easy to understand, we even had a lot of fun."
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