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Our Services

Empowerment, Success, Intuition, Authority

At Break Free Consultancy, we are passionate about seeing others achieve their goals and dreams.

We believe that with the right information, the right attitude and the right support everything is possible within a person's own uniqueness.

How can we help you?

Personal Success.

We work those who are ready to feel Empowered in their life to achieve their goals and dreams, with confidence.

We have One to One sessions, Books, Masterclass, Workshops and more.

We help people with their Weight, Fitness, Health and Wellbeing.

To learn more or book in for a session, Masterclass visit our Personal Success Page

Disability Sector

Best Practice is an important part of success in any business and the disability sector is no different.

We have all the tools you require for your disability success from individual templates, to Ultimate bundle which includes templates, policies and procedures, Consultations including 6 and 12 months support. 

Wellbeing Programs and Staff seminars

Learn more visit Disability Sector page

Business to Business

We offer Wellbeing Programs, Understanding NDIS and Wellbeing seminars to business.

We are happy to come to you where possible.

We believe that a happy work place that empowers their staff in Health, Fitness and Wellbeing is a productive workplace.

To learn more on how we can help your business grow and thrive visit the Business to Business Page



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