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Wellbeing - Reconnect with what makes you uniquely YOU!

Connect and Grow Magazine - April 2024 - Edition 8

What are your strengths and superpowers?


You’re special. You’re unique. There’s no one else in this world that has your special blend of genes, characteristics, talents, experiences and perspectives.


It’s easy to forget this as we navigate life, adapting to outside circumstances, others’ expectations, and our routines.


Tap into your uniqueness by identifying, nurturing and celebrating your strengths. You have your own set of superpowers.

We can sometimes downplay our strengths because they come so naturally to us. If something’s easy and interesting for us, we expect it’s also easy and interesting for others. But this isn’t always the case.



Remember that your ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary.


Recognise your strengths and let your unique qualities shine.


Do you know what your strengths and superpowers are?


Your strengths may not be exactly the same as your skills and what you’re good at doing.


There will be some overlap. But from an early age, we have been schooled and trained to build skills according to set curriculum and standards. In a work context, we can be performance-managed to focus on overcoming our weaknesses and build skills based on the needs of the role or organisation (not what innately brings us joy).


This latter joy part that plays a key part in determining our strengths. We know something is our strength not because of our skill level but by how it makes us feel. When we’re expressing a strength, we usually feel engaged, expansive, and energetic.


You can’t go outside yourself to look for the answers. You can research, seek opinions, and have others assess your tendencies and skills at something. But in the end, you’re the only one who truly knows how you feel about something and what brings you joy. You are the best expert on yourself!


You can uncover your strengths by reflecting on questions such as:

- what brings you great happiness and joy?

- when do you feel really comfortable and most like yourself?

- what did you love doing when you were a child?

- which activities really engage your focus, where you can lose all sense of time or feel like you’re ‘in the zone’?


You can also learn more about yourself and your strengths through doing so. Start by listing your interests and what you’re curious to learn more about. Spend time on your interests, follow these breadcrumbs, and use how you feel as a guide.


Most importantly, once you uncover your strengths, find opportunities and time to express them – whether at home, at work or by volunteering in your community. Nurture and celebrate your strengths. And remember the key to reconnecting to your strengths is how they make you feel and the level of joy that they bring you. May they feel like your own brand of superpowers!


You can find more reflection question, exercises and video resources to help you uncover your strengths at 


Written by Natalia Walker


Natalia is available for consultations.


(C) 2023 Break Free Consultancy Connect and Grow magazine

Disclaimer: All information is accurate at the time of publication, it is the reader's responsibility to always seek professional input and advice.

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