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Connect and Grow Membership

When it comes to growing a business, it is important to connect with others in the sector and industry. Referrals come from networking and connection

Building a community.

We are offering an opportunity for those working in NDIS, Myaged Care, Allied Health and Health, Fitness to become a Connect and Grow Member.

Membership open now to all Business.

Benefits of becoming a Connect and Grow Member is:

* Connecting with other businesses in the Disability, Myaged Care and Health sectors to work together to grow business, create community and the best outcome for those in need.

* Opportunity to have your business mentioned on Break Free Consultancy social media.

* 25% savings on Connect & Grow Events, Products, Courses and Programs. ( excludes Consultancy  and Coaching Services)

* Monthly Connect & Grow online networking event. - can share about your business during this time.  

12 -1pm on 1st Wednesday of the month. ( except for public holidays) 

* Monthly Newsletter Emails 

* Opportunity to be a Keynote speaker at one of our in person events ( by application only)

* Access to Exclusive Connect & Grow Members online area

All the information and links to the online networking events are via the Connect and Grow Membership in Break Free Learning Centre.

We will send the email reminders from there.

Annual fee: $960 includes GST

Payment plan available.

First Time Membership

Together we can create a community and make a difference 

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