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Feature Article - The Travel Beat Travel Agency

Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 5 - January 2024

Our feature article is about Sarah and Danny for the Travel Beat Travel agency this month.

Let’s Talk Travel

Most people have been on a trip, and the thought of packing up and going somewhere can be fun and exciting, along with a bit of stress and possibly even anxiety. Now, for someone who has a disability, it could be a physical or cognitive disability, travel can be a little hard, and it has a set of challenges that many people do not think about.


Sarah and Danny from The Travel Beat travel agency are committed to working with ANYONE who is keen to travel, whether on a local trip or overseas. They will assist you in having the experience you are after and fully support you each step of the way.

Unlimited possibilities with RIGHT planning & Support!

For people who do have a disability and require certain things to be accessible to them, finding the right holiday destination that meets their criteria can be complex, and it, at times, can feel like it is all worth it.


It is all worth it, especially when you connect with Sarah at The Travel Beat.


Sarah and Danny believe that everyone deserves to have a holiday and to have a fun experience. They work hard to remove as much stress from holiday planning as possible.


Sarah will sit with you and listen to what you would like to experience on your holiday and your specific needs. With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, Sarah understands that things can go wrong even with the best plans in place and, therefore, is there for you to reach out to during your holiday for that additional problem-solving.


When I asked Sarah and Danny what their goal is for their business and shared it with all of us in Connect and Grow magazine, the answer was a simple yet powerful one:


This message is powerful because it is about empowerment and focusing on what IS possible rather than the obstacles that can sometimes get in the way of our dreams and goals.

" Even with a disability, Travel is still an option!"

So how does it all work?


If you are someone with a disability and would love to go on a holiday and are unsure if it is possible or what you need to organise your trip, you start by contacting Sarah at The Travel Beat (details at the end of the article).


Sarah will listen to your goals and guide you to the right place and services to make your holiday seamless. Sarah has the additional service of checking in with you while you are on holiday.

There are no consultancy fees; you pay for your holiday itself, and Sarah will ensure that if you need assistance at airports or venues, those places and services are aware, and that support is ready and waiting for you.


The Travel Beat travel agency is focused on empowering you to have a choice in your life with your holiday as much as possible.


Sarah shared with me some success stories of her clients who have a disability. Mark contacted Sarah to discuss his dream of having a holiday in America and going on a carriage ride around Central Park. Being in a wheelchair, travel is not always easy, and Mark does require the support of others. For people not in a wheelchair, a carriage ride in Central Park, New York, is easy. However, there was a lot to organise and check as part of the planning for Mark's trip.

 Mark’s Carriage Ride in Central Park New York

Sarah sat with Mark and listened to his goals and how he would like this trip to go. She asked questions about his required support and assistance and made the trip happen.

Mark had a fantastic time on his trip).



Mark’s trip was:

Melbourne - New York - highlights carriage ride around Central Park

New York - Orlando - highlights Disneyworld

Orlando - Las Vegas highlights flight over Grand Canyon

Las Vegas - Los Angeles highlights Disneyland and Universal Studios


The smile on Mark’s face in the two photos here says all.  It was a fantastic holiday experience that Mark is still talking about today, and it all was possible because Sarah took the time to listen to Mark’s goals, ask questions and find a way.

Flight over Grand Canyon – another dream come true.

Sarah and Danny will also discuss with the person who has disabilities what support they will require on their trip and if this support is support workers or their family and friends. Also, what type of assistance does the person require when going to a different country, place, and venue? No stone is left unturned when Sarah and Danny work with all the clients.


If you are ready to take a holiday, even if it is a thought or an idea, then now is the perfect time to contact Sarah and Danny at The Travel Beat travel agency; it is a FREE conversation and who knows, maybe you will be able to make a dream or two of your own come true this year.


There is always a way; all it takes is a conversation with the right person at the right time.


If you are ready to have the holiday you are currently only dreaming of, reach out to Sarah and Danny at The Travel Beat Travel agency here:


Written by Jacqui Grant

**** Consent to share photos obtained *****

(C) 2024 Break Free Consultancy

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