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Book Corner

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 5 January 2024

Feature Article

Have you always wanted to write a book and not sure how?


Keep reading to learn about how Dave Thompson and the team of IBW make it a dream come true!

Have you ever dreamed of being a published author but stopped yourself because you questioned if someone would read your book?


You may have contacted publishers to find out how it works, only to discover that they will have complete control over your message and how it is presented to the world, and they will own the rights to your book!


Good news: There is a way to write your book, have it published, and still be entirely in control of how your message is communicated in your book, with you keeping 100% of the copyright, creative control and 100% of the royalties.


What?! I hear you say. Tell me more! Happy to share more with you.


Meet Dave Thompson

Dave is someone I have known for ten years; we met at The Coaching Institute when studying coaching and have worked together in different ways on and off over the years.


Dave is a coach, mentor, CEO, and founder of Inspirational Book Writers.

What is Inspirational Book Writers? It’s a business that provides book writing coaching, done-for-you book publishing services and book launch marketing coaching, especially for coaches, practitioners, service-based businesses and entrepreneurs who want to grow their impact, influence and income with their best-selling book. 

Before we go more into that, let me share a little about Dave from my recent interview with him:


In 2014, Dave started Inspirational Book Writers.  As Dave shares, it began by accident.


In January 2014, someone suggested that he write his first book. Dave thought what an amazing idea to get his book written, so the next day, he started writing straight away, wrote the book in a week, and then worked out how to get it out into the world.   He worked out the very complicated publishing process himself.


Keen for the world to have his first book, Living Outrageously – Your Hero’s Journey, Dave set about self-publishing and designed a process to publish his work at a high-quality standard as fast as possible.



He was blown away to sell 500 copies in the first 60 days.


What was even more surprising was his friends reaching out, wanting to know how he wrote the book in a week and had it published 6 weeks later. That was the birth of the Inspirational Book Writers... write a book in a week and be published 6 weeks later.

From 2014 to 2019, he ran in-person “book retreats” on North Stradbroke Island in Australia and the Big Island in Hawaii, where people would travel from all over the world to spend a week in paradise and write their books.

 In 2020, with the pandemic, the event became a virtual retreat, allowing even more people to join Dave and the team to write their books.


After the book writing week - some people move on to the next phase, “Publish + Launch”. However, only some people do that. For some people, success is in writing the book, and they do not feel it needs to be read by anyone else. One of the things that I love about working with Dave and his incredible team is that there are opportunities and support to take your book writing as far as you, the individual, choose to take it.


Often, before someone commits to a business or personal offering such as writing a book, they like to know what is in it for them outside of the end goal, in this case - writing and potentially publishing a book; many people want to see the statics of how many people have worked with Dave and the team and successfully gone on to publish and even sell their book.


Dave shared with me that the Write, Publish + Launch program has had over 300 people to date go through the complete journey from a book idea to becoming an Amazon Best-Selling author in multiple categories. 


This is an incredible number of incredible books out in the world, especially when you consider that so many people have an idea for a book but just give up on it.


As someone who has been to 3 online book writing intensives now, and during each of them, I wrote two books each time. During the Online Book Writing Intensive, you write your book and are encouraged and supported through all the challenges, including during writer's block. You can also brainstorm your ideas about your book with everyone else during that time. You have access to two snippet reviews during the week, which provide valuable feedback from Dave’s editing team, and then there is the book title jam-out session - a lot of fun, and you dial in your book title.


Dave Thompson and his team have not only mastered the art of writing books, publishing them, and helping people to get onto the Amazon Best Sellers list, but he has also mastered the art of incredible support for each person writing their book and following their dreams of having their message out in the world.


If you are ready to write your book, whether you have written books before or this is your very first one, contact Dave at Inspirational Books Writers and chat, or book in for the next Online Book Writing Intensive. It is a journey you will enjoy, and at the end of it, you have a book YOU have written with YOUR message.


Contact Dave and his team through their website:

Written by Jacqui Grant

(C )2024 Break Free Consultancy


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