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Events - Expos Networking and More

Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 6, February 2024

It has been a year for events, so many people are connecting and working together to expand business.

Attending events is a great way to learn more about businesses for your personal goals and as a business to network!

We will share a few events coming up in the first part of the year this month.

It’s a great time to get your diary and calendar out and book yourself in for some fun.


In 2023, we found that attending events, building new relationships and learning a different way of approaching business.


From a personal perspective, attending events can give you new ideas for your life, and from a business perspective, you get to meet new people, which could lead to the collaboration of ideas and coming together to support each other.


Expos, Networking events and events learning new skills and information are all an investment in you and, where appropriate, your business.


Look at the upcoming events; you will notice this month, we have mentioned events in March. If you want to advertise your event here in Connect & Grow Magazine, reach out with details at the end of the article.



Up and Coming Events

March 3rd 2024


Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Expo

Perfect place for those ready to connect with service providers in Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle. 


You are invited to the 1st Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle EXPO organised by the Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle TV show.


Come to meet and chat with our professional health and wellbeing TV guests.


Get advice on living a proactive and healthy life.


Date: Sunday 3rd March

Time: 10 am - 5 pm.


Venue: 251 High Street, Northcote. (Free parking - public transport)


For FREE tickets and more information,


Connect & Grow Health & Disability Expo

Our first Connect & Grow Expo for 2024 is in March.


We are excited to see businesses signing up to exhibit, and this month, we can share the already committed businesses.


We are working with Caring Hands Connect to bring this event to you.


Date: 14th March 2024

Time: 10 – 3 pm for public

Venue: Melton Community Hall


Entry is FREE to attend the event.


We are excited to announce we have our full listing of exhibitors for this event, this is the first of at least 4


We are excited to have several businesses signing up to be part of the expo and have included a few of them in this month’s magazine.

Some of the exhibitors who have committed to being there on the day will share more exhibitors each month.


Connect and Grow Coffee catch up’s

 in Victoria have been popular with different people attending the different at different venues


We have started back with our Coffee Catch-ups for Mornington, Rowville/knox and Williamstown

Learn more about Connect and Grow catch up here:

If you would like to be part of the magazine or one of our events, why not book a call:

We will also be taking part in Expo run by Able Plus in May 2024.

Full details here

For full details go to

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