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Business to Business - Build a Solid foundation

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 6 February 2024

What is your business success, and what are your business challenges?

Connecting with other businesses can help your business to grow!

Whatever your business is, it is essential to connect with other businesses, even those who provide the same services as you, such as support worker businesses in the disability sector or other allied health providers.


When working with other businesses, you may find that you can refer to each other and build a solid reference basis, which, in the public's eye, shows you are person-centred.

When your business is working with people, it is essential to have a collaborative approach to other businesses because we are not all for everyone, and it takes time to be trusted and build those relationships that show you are about the person and not simply about making money.

The person-centred approach involves setting boundaries in your business based on conversations with other companies and people who may require your services.

Showing an interest in the person and what they are looking for helps you identify if you are the right fit. Demonstrate that you are listening to the person and what they say they are looking for from you, and be honest about whether you can provide the specific services or not. When you identify that you cannot offer those services with confidence, then having someone who can in your network and business community can help you potentially get business in the future, as you are demonstrating to the person enquiring about your services that you are still there to help them connect with the right person. They will talk about their call or time with you to other people, which will ripple out to the people in their community.

You are building YOUR business network!

Networking and expo help your business be seen. Along with the right advertising partner

Take the time to find networking events and expos that suit your business values and beliefs where you can either attend to meet other business and potential clients or exhibit yourself.

While it may seem expensive and has little return on investment, everything we do for business and even our hobbies has a cost, and the return is a variable. There are opportunities everywhere, including social media, to advertise your company and potentially connect with clients; however, consistently seeing a business without pushy advertising and word of mouth helps people know they can trust it.

Networking is where you get to share your business cards and business details with others, and then expos have people coming to you at your table to speak with you.

Once upon a time, a business was found by looking in the local paper or via a flyer in their letterbox; however, now, many people don't want the flyers in their letterbox, and the local paper has a lot more news in it and the online articles have so many different ads throughout even the article it is something people feel bombarded with. On social media, so many people are attempting to sell the same thing, and many people are not even selling something or service; however, they are interested in just taking money, and it's hard to see honest and reliable businesses, which is why your business must stand out.

After years of trying different things with my business, I have found that bringing value to your community helps people know who you are.

I have also found that being seen regularly helps people to think about you when the time arrives that they require your services. Think of TV and radio ads and magazines with businesses featured and listed in them that you see regularly.

TV, radio, and magazines are still very popular ways for businesses to be found.


People still read magazines only and in paperback.

Do you subscribe to regular magazines or purchase your favourite at the supermarket or newsstand?

Why do you purchase that magazine?

There will always be something in that magazine that you will recall when speaking to someone; it could be an item or service; when you see the advertising, you don't overthink it, but when you see it regularly' your subconscious stores that information.

This is why many TV, Radio and magazine publishers suggest committing to at least 12 weeks to 6 months as a great way to be seen and remembered. The repetition of being seen regularly helps your business be in a person's subconscious mind.

For Connect and Grow Magazine, we always recommend a minimum of 6 months of advertising with us as we do not fill our entire magazine with ads. We have the listings all on one page like a reference; you never know who will read it and who will find the paperback version. Repetition is key.

Respect in Business!

Respect is essential to business and your relationships with clients and other companies!

Regarding advertising and connecting with other businesses, respect and healthy boundaries are essential. Mutual respect goes both ways, and being clear in how you communicate with other companies and your clients, which magazines, radio and TV you appear in and which expos and events you attend all speak volumes to your business's success and reputation.

A magazine or radio show highlighting your business positively and speaking about your success and what is important to you will help you build a successful business in the long run.



At Break Free Consultancy, we offer business coaching and consultations for those in the disability sector; you can learn more on our website: Break Free Consultancy.

We are launching the Connect and Grow Radio show and moving our podcast to Podbean. We would love to have you follow us and then also be part of the radio show as a guest to speak about your business.

To advertise with us book a call:

Written by Jacqui Grant

Empowerment Coach & Consultant

(C) 2024 Break Free Consultancy

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