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Weight Management - Challenges of change

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 7 - March 2023

Overcoming Challenges of Weight Release

The information in this article can work with both bariatric and non-bariatric surgery weight release goals, there will be some slight differences in information that apply only to those who have had bariatric surgery.

With our March theme facing change and style challenges, weight management is no different.


The changes you make must be for you, including releasing excess weight. With it being so easy to order food in and eat on the run, because life is so busy, those choices are not always easy.


As Natalia and the feature article share, it is important to identify your readiness for change. Vivienne and Kathy have shared some tips that are also useful for weight release.


Going for a walk may not always be an option as the days become shorter, especially as the weather changes. So, what is your new plan for exercise?


One strategy is to walk with a friend if it is dark when you start out for a morning walk, or you could walk at lunchtime.

Lunchtime walks are great because you can get the walk-in during the day and get outside in the fresh air; it can be a win-win situation on many different levels.


How do you balance achieving your goal and enjoying life?

Our view of ourselves and our bodies often differs from how the rest of the world sees us.


Many things impact this, and often, what occurs is that we create a change, and initially, it is exciting; we see the results, and then after a while, we no longer see the changes. However, the rest of the world does.


There is always more than one way to achieve a goal with your weight. What has worked for you in the past, and how are you different now from when you achieved your weight release goals?


Activity to do for insights and clarity.


This exercise/activity is a visualisation exercise that can help you tap into what is important to you and how to create change in a positive way connected to YOUR weight management goals!


You can try this exercise/activity when you have at least 30 minutes to focus purely on you and will not be disturbed.


What you require:

·         Paper and pen

·         Glass or bottle of water

·         Place to sit where you will not be disturbed; if you can have some fresh air flowing to you, great.

·         If you like relaxation music, can you have that? It is an option.



Sit comfortably with your back straight and take a few slow, deep breaths.

As you focus on your slow breaths, allow the tension to leave your body and any thoughts that come in to float in and out.


As the tension leaves your body, take a moment to ask yourself, “What is my ideal goal with my weight and my body?” What is it that I would like to achieve? The emphasis is on the word I.


Allow the answer to appear. If you notice any tension in your body as you focus on that question, focus on your breathing.


“What is my goal for me and my body?”


As the answer comes to you, give thanks and embrace as it is.


As you see and know what you require for your body, permit yourself to see that occurring. As best as you can see yourself and how you look at that shape and size, wear clothes you love, smile, and have the energy to do the things you enjoy.


Sit with these images for as long as you like and pay attention to all the details; where are you?


Now ask, “What is it that I am ready to do, to achieve this vision, to make it a reality?

Allow that answer to flow, focus on your breathing and allow….


As these answers come in, notice how you feel. If you are feeling tension, take a few slow, deep breaths to relieve the tension. If you feel at peace with it, give it a colour. This is important.


Notice the color and the feelings and breathe them in; connect to them as much as possible.


Now, thanks for the clarity and the time you have given yourself to focus on yourself.


As you allow yourself to return to the room, take a few slow, deep breaths and be present again. Write out any of the answers, the colour you accessed during this activity, and the emotions you experienced.


The next step is yours: take the time to create a plan for yourself. If you are looking for a support person or a coach, there are several of us around.


You can achieve your goals when they are YOURS and you are choosing you.


One of the habits many people are unaware of is how closely connected food and stress are.


Are you someone who eats when they are stressed?

What is your go-to food when you are stressed or looking for comfort?

Every person faces stress differently. For some people, it is eating, and it can be overeating, even overeating salad and cheese, etc. For others, they do not eat when stressed, but when they do start eating again, they may binge eat.


Many people have a psychological connection between food and feeling safe and comfortable. I am not a psychologist, so I won't go into that. However, I encourage you to think about the foods you turn to in times of stress and anxiety.


What are they?


How do you feel when you eat them?


How much do you eat?


One of the best ways to create a change is to have as much insight into it as possible.


You can listen to this podcast to learn more about binge eating and stress eating; the link and QR code are included.



You are the choices you make, and there will be moments when you feel different emotions connected to your past choices and weight.


Remember that weight gain happens over time, and it appears that it is easy to gain weight and harder to lose it. A huge part of the challenge is our habits and what our bodies are used to. Our bodies do have cellular memory, and there will be things that they will respond to and not, so flexibility and variety are important for your long-term success.


Written by Jacqui Grant



We have various programs for those looking for additional support and empowering coaching, in which we work with you to help you reach your goals.


To learn more, book a discovery call today.

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