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Book Corner - Meet Tegan Rein

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 7- March 2024

Books are a great way to create change and learn more about YOU!


This month we are sharing about Tegan Rein and her book Rise.

If not now, When?


It is time for you to ‘Become Who You Were Born To Be’ and RISE.


In this book, RISE, Author and Certified Coach Tegan Rein guides you on a journey through her life stories while also providing the questions, frameworks, and exercises for you to find your way back to your authentic self. If you are looking for an inspirational read along with some personal development, then this book is perfect for you.



This book is for you if you want to know:

• Who you are

• Why you are here

• What your purpose is


This book is also for you if you are ready to start:

• Connecting with YOUR truth

• Living a more balanced, energized and fun life

• Loving yourself and loving what makes you unique


Working together, her book RISE, promises to shift your mindset and give you clarity as to who you are on a soul level. It is time to find the north on your soul’s compass. If you’ve been seeking the motivation and inspiration to change your life’s direction, this book will do that for you.

Tegan also offers you a free gift which you can access by going to

Tegan Rein was an International Coach Guild’s Coach of the Year Finalist in 2022. With over two decades of experience in personal development and ten years working with thousands of clients, transformation is her specialty. She claims to have spiritually awakened in 2014 when bringing a man back to life who had drowned, leading her on a soul’s quest to discover the deeper meaning of life. Leaving the Corporate Jungle, she embarked on her journey, successfully bridging the gap between her spiritual and professional personas into a Businesswoman as a Soulpreneur.


 On top of being an esteemed Life and Business Coach she also hosts Full Moon Women’s Circles and Retreats. In 2023, she was announced as a Cairns Businesswomen’s Club Finalist in the ‘Solopreneur Businesswomen of the Year’ category.



‘I highly recommend Tegan not only as a remarkable human being, but as an ‘A Grade’ Life Coach who operates not only from a heart space of love, but with great morals, ethics and respect. Tegan understands the honour it is to serve and to walk with people on their journey to designing, creating and living their own version of their very best life. And she does this exceptionally well. If you’ve been waiting to start working with her or have been considering engaging a Life or Business Coach, then I highly recommend her, and I say...there is no time like the present, and you’re ready for that next step. Accept your call to adventure and dive on in with one of the most respected coaches out there.’ – MICHELE JONES, founder of LYBL - Live Your Best Life


Website details:


Where you want people to purchase the book from:

Tegan Services


Tegan Rein Coaching -

As a life coach for women in business, I know too well that there are those out there struggling to live the day to day. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t successful, they just know something is missing or not right with how things are now, they feel in their soul there is something else out there to discover. They know there is a deeper meaning to life and that on the other side of their fears and being stuck are opportunities to feel fulfilled and satisfied.


At Tegan Rein Coaching, I help individuals through a 1-2-1 personalized service to meet me first through a Zoom connection. When we are connected to someone who understands our unique position and is trained to untangle our thoughts and bring light to the possibilities, everything can change instantly.


Book a free 15-minute discovery call with me here, and let’s see how I can help you.


Written by Jacqui Grant

(C) 2024 Break Free Consultancy - Connect and Grow Magazine

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