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Neurodiversity - Christmas & Holiday Events.

Social events

When it come to the holiday season and Christmas for many people who are neurodivergent it can be a challenging time.

It can be overwhelming and too much stimulation, too many expectations.

Many people who are autistic do not feel they are part of many small talk conversations, they miss social cues or do not get the joke and find themselves feeling isolated even when surrounded by a lot of people.

Some also find that people are offended by their words, which are a matter of fact, without what is considered social politeness.

So how to navigate Christmas and social events, especially when there is the expectation to attend all these events...

  1. Pace yourself. Choose the events you attend and remember there are times when it's okay to say no thank you.

  2. Encourage those who are close to, to support you, especially if you need to leave what is considered "normal"

  3. Have strategies that help you to self regulate, it can be hard at times.

  4. Rest. When you feel exhausted or even tired, stop and rest, this is especially important for those who are ADHD.

  5. Know and love who you are.

For those who are neurotypical, know that for those who are neurodivergent and need to not attend all events at end of year, is because they are not able to physically, mentally, emotionally, they may simply not have enough energy to deal with the overwhelm, the energy of others and the energy it takes to mask and attempt to read social cues.

Be patient and understanding of those who are neurodivergent and understand triggers are not always clear.

You can also listen to podcast: Connect & Grow Podcast Neurodiversity- Christmas & Holiday events.

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