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Neuro-affirming is something that many people need help understanding.

As someone diagnosed with ADHD & Autistic or, as some say, ASD, I have had many struggles in life.

As someone who is a late diagnosis, I was constantly told to "be normal," " stop speaking so loudly," " stop overthinking," one of my favorites... " don't worry, let it go, and stop stressing!"


I had to mask, and masking long-term creates a loss of identity, a struggle to be entirely accurate to yourself; it has been linked to depression and anxiety.

As a coach, I believe in empowerment. To celebrate the uniqueness of being the incredible individuals we all are.

Neuro affirming is empowerment. It is embracing who we are, loving who we are, including the aspects of ourselves that many of the worlds reject.

One strategy that has worked for many people with a neurodivergent diagnosis is understanding your traits, strength, and what you do when stressed.

When you have awareness does not mean having to change; it is knowing all of you, for example. I know that when I speak loudly and fast, I acknowledge that and will only change if it will help me or show respect for those around me.

Another aspect I love about me and being who I am is the hyper-focus, the hyper fixation, not so much; yes, they are different.

What do you love about yourself? What is your strength? What is your passion?

What can you embrace about yourself that is different from others?

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