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Letter from Editor - Change is in the air!

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 7 - March 2024

Welcome to March 2024, Edition 7 of Connect and Grow Magazine.


Our theme and message for this month are about change and its potential positive effects.


As someone who lives with Neurodivergent traits, I do struggle at times with change, so I do understand how, for some people, it is a challenge.


The key to embracing change is your support network. The right people in your life make a world of difference in how you live and what opportunities you embrace.



Book Corner: This Month, we are shining the light on Rise by Tegan Rein.

We shared some of Tegan’s story and explained why writing this book was important to Tegan.

How do you face change and challenges? What do you struggle with? Some people overeat, some exercise more, and some become so agitated that they struggle to sleep, which impacts other aspects of life.


Having Strategies that can help you in your personal and professional life for

It can be challenging to say no to people and then have them reject you; having said that, if people do that, are they the right people for your life?


Natalia, Viviene, and Kathy have written incredible articles that can help you as the seasons change. Some parts of the world are moving into Autumn, and other parts are moving into Spring.


Every decision and conversation we have impacted our lives and how we approach changes. As the seasons change around the world, you may notice that you feel different, that you are starting to choose different foods, and that you are starting to choose different clothes.

Just as the weather changes, the trees lose or gain leaves, and the grass thrives or dries off, aspects of our lives, including the people in them, often change. Change sometimes comes in ways that can catch us off guard, and other times, we are part of creating that change. Whether we invite change or it takes us by surprise how we approach it, our mindset and beliefs are extremely important.


This month of March and as we move into April, we will do our best to support and empower you for change in your life with our articles and strategies.


Our Business-to-Business Section focuses on how you manage change in your business and how essential it is always to be prepared for change and business challenges.


You can read about some upcoming events in our event section. If you have an event, contact us to discuss having it listed in our magazine.

Change is an opportunity to reflect, reassess, and reevaluate.


Our neurodiversity section has even more information about what we offer, along with information that may help you or someone you know who neurodiversity is.


Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery: our regular tips and strategies for your success in weight management and for those who have had or are considering having bariatric surgery.


If you are looking for a health, fitness, or disability service provider, look at our Business listing section.


As the world changes in so many ways, having a connection to the community is a great way to know that you are not alone. Some changes are universal and impact each of us. Speaking with others who know and understand can be a great way to have a sense of security and safety, to enjoy your life.


We have launched our Connect and Grow Radio show; the recordings are part of our podcast. You can locate the links in this section. We did a few interviews on the day of the expo.



Always know that when the time is right for you to change your life, people are ready to support you, and resources are available.


As part of our magazine, we welcome businesses to be featured in articles or advertisements each month. These are also advertised on our website under the business listing page.


If you would like to advertise with us, be part of the magazine, reach out via email:



Thank you for reading and sharing our e-Magazine and the online articles; we love bringing this magazine to you.

(C) 2024 Break Free Consultancy - Connect and Grow magazine

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