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Feature Article - Change is a Natural part of Life!

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 7 - March 2024

Do you see change as a chance to do things differently?

Change is both opportunity and choice!


Which season do you connect with the most? Which season do you feel the happiest in and why?


I have asked many people this question and the answers are varied. Some people love the beach and the hot weather, thrive in it and have a lot of energy. Other people prefer to be rugged and prefer colder weather; they find they have more energy to do what they love in cooler weather.


When choosing where to live, the temperature of the area and the surroundings often play a huge part; although some people dream of living by the beach or the mountains, the housing is not within their price range, so they get as close as they can to those areas so they can visit there regularly.


Change is part of life and natural, as are the seasons and the weather. In Australia, a saying is, “Melbourne can be four seasons in one day!” That refers to the weather.


So why am I talking about the weather? What is the significance of the weather in relation to changes in life and challenges?


Because the weather also impacts your mindset, overall health, and well-being. If you live where it is hot and do not enjoy the heat and have a goal of releasing excess weight, then exercising may be something that you feel challenged to complete. The heat slows you down, and your energy levels are low. This then allows you to choose not to create a change in your fitness or exercise routine.


However, if you live in a climate that is more suited to you and that you are comfortable in, then you can create a change in your exercise habits; you are open to embracing your new habits and creating change in your fitness, your health and wellbeing, which ripples out to other aspects of your life.



What does it take to Create Change?

I know you have heard this before; you may even have heard that with the right mindset, everything is possible. It may be, or maybe it isn’t, but YES, your mindset, self-talk, and self-belief are key ingredients for creating long-term changes and developing strategies that empower and motivate you to keep going through the challenges.

You may notice that it's not as easy as it sounds regarding mindset. That is often because you may not be completely ready for change. You may have moments when you are ready for the change and other times when it feels too much. You may experience uncertainty; for some people, there can be a sense of overwhelm.


Take a moment and think about something that you would like to change in your life.


Is this something you are choosing to change or something someone else has recommended you change?


How important is this change to you on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 being now very important and 10 being extremely important.

Giving it a number lets you know how important change is to you and your life.


Consider this: On a scale of 1 to 10, how ready are you to create change? 1 means you are not ready for change, and 10 means you are ready for change.


Now that you have this insight, will you develop a plan to change your life for this goal, or will you identify that you are not ready for this change, that it is driven by other people and not coming from you?


In other Connect and Grow magazine editions, we have covered changes and how you can connect to motivation.


Insight into why change is needed and the challenges that could come with it is important for long-term success.


It is also important to understand your response versus reaction as change occurs. Challenges are a normal part of creating change; they are a normal part of life, and knowing whether you naturally react or respond will also set the success you will have in your life. It will also let you know whether you are being reactive instead of choosing to respond to a situation or conversation.


The pathway to change!

The path you walk on can look like anything you choose!


What does the path you walk in life look like?


What is it made of?


Do you feel supported on this path?

When you identify your path in every aspect of your life, you can see where you can create change and where things can keep going. Some people have a path like walking on sand; things constantly move under your feet. Other people have brick, stone, or even concrete paths that feel strong and solid.


Sometimes, there are flat surfaces on this path of life; other times, curves go downhill and uphill. When you travel what feels like downhill, it can be either positive or negative. Sometimes, it feels positive in that you can gather momentum and speed; other times, it feels like falling. Going uphill can feel like a challenge; other times, it can feel like a nice, steady pace at which growth occurs.


The path you walk in your personal life may differ from your professional life; however, there will be overlap in both; after all, it is your life.



 How do you view the world?

Once you know your path, you can also check in with your perspective and identify how you view the world. Do you see mostly positivity and success or challenges?


Challenges will always be part of life and can be an opportunity for growth. However, your overall perspective and attitude greatly affect how often you have happiness, success and laughter versus how stressed and anxious you feel.


Ultimately, it all comes down to the choices you make and how you see change, how you see your world and how you approach the challenges that appear.


You’ve got this!


Written by Jacqui Grant 



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Disclaimer: The information in this article is for general use only. It's important to seek advice and input from a specialist for your specific situation.

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