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Connect and Grow Magazine

Connect and Grow magazine is produced by Jacqui Grant - Break Free Consultancy.

The magazine's goal, released each month, is to build community and bring people together.

Our first edition was launched on 28th September 2023, with over 300 purchases of the eMagazine and we are excited to share that we are expanding how we make the magazine and articles available to everyone.

Each month there is one main feature article - the article's topic will differ depending on our theme and who we are interviewing. We also have regular authors and some guest writers.

The current sections of the magazine are:

* Featured article - one main article each month

* Health, fitness and Wellbeing - there will be at least 3 different articles in this section

* Events- we let you know what is going on and aim to grow this as more people choose to share their

* Business Directory - listing page for you to find a business or to advertise your business.

* Inclusiveness and Community - articles about what different people are doing in the community and how to grow the community. Also, about neurodiversity.

* Uniquely Me Project - updates and our products are available, with the profits going to those in need.

* Book Corner - we feature one to authors each month, their books, and where you can access them.

* NDIS - for providers and participants.

As time goes by, we will add more topics, and we welcome you to share any topics we could consider with us.

Businesses are able to welcome to apply for advertising with us. To do so, visit here: Business advertising Connect and Grow Magazine

We look forward to bringing value to you over the years.

Subscribe to Connect and Grow Magazine to be the first to have your copy.

(c) 2023 Break Free Consultancy


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