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Why can’t I “get” clients for my disability business?

Learn why that question is pushing business away from you!

Let's be very clear, no one "gets" clients.

As I share at the recent Connect & Grow Networking event, a person with an NDIS plan IS a person, you cannot " GET" a person in any capacity, you can only attract them them.

Attracting people to your business is the first step, the next step is building trust and connection.

Now it may seem and sound simple, but it's not.

As a neurodivergent person myself, who believes people and I take them at their word, when they verbally tell me something, I believe them, and I have found that some do not follow through, they say yes, but their actions are no, this is what is occurring for people with NDIS plans.

The business, is saying YES we can help you, but they do not follow through, they do not listen to the person with the plan

As a business, your word builds trust.

Tips for growing your business!

  1. As yourself , how much value do I bring to community and the people I work with?

  2. Do I keep my verbal word and follow through or do I say yes and then say no later or don't follow through?

  3. Am I consistent in showing up, listening and demonstrating respect.?

  4. Am I being reliable and building connection and trust?

It's also important to remember that not everyone is a right fit... every person has their opinions, values, interests and hobbies and not everyone will agree, when you understand this at its core level, you able to attract people who match your business values.

Your business will grow when you show you can be trusted.

Be you, be honest, speak with people and listen to what they require, not tell them what you think they need.

One of the constant feedback I hear from people with NDIS plans is that the provider has said " yes" to assist them and not followed up or weeks later, contacts then to say " we are at capacity" and there is a lot of people sharing it is the same providers and they also have this behaviour with business' also, which is very sad.

This impacts their ability to trust other providers, they become stressed and anxious, they are already dealing with a lot.

As a service provider, keep your word.

Build trust and remember that you are dealing with people who have their way of processing information, they have a lot they are living with and they do require support.

Build connections, build community., build trust and show you love what you do!

Connect and Grow magazine and Connect and Grow networking events are about that.

If you would like to be part of the Communitu we are building, connect and grow your business, you can apply here:

You are worthy of success!

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