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Business Guidance

When it comes to running a business, no matter what your business is, there are a couple of things to consider.

  1. Where you get your business advice.

  2. Privacy & Confidentality

  3. How you grow your business

  4. Duty of care & Code of Conduct

Where you get your business advice

Every person who runs a business has experience of what works and doesn't work in their business and many people are happy to help, however unless they have qualifications and experience in where you need advice it's important to listen, continue with your research and engage a professional.

When asking business related questions on social media, even via messages, it is important to know, the "advice" opinions you WILL recieve is general in nature, even though the person answering you maybe knowledge it is FREE, General advice/opinion".

If you are wanting specific information for your business, it is important to know, that is a PAID service.

Why is it paid?

Because the professional is taking at least hour or more of that person's time. They are drawing on their skills and knowledge and will have questions for you relating specifically to your business, more than can be understood in a message or social media post.

Privacy and Confidentiality

You have invested a lot in your business, it's important to always maintain privacy and confidentiality of your clients, and your business.

This includes in what you post on social media and in messages. As we know with what has occurred with cyber attacks and social media accounts that are hacked, your business information which should be private could be at risk of landing in the wrong hands.

Its always best to book appointments with the person you are seeking input for your business, including referrals rather than private messages on social media.

Breaching confidentiality can do a lot of damage to your business.

Growing your business

To grow your business, involves investing both time and money.

When it comes to obtaining referrals from other people and collaborating with others you have a clear understanding and healthy boundaries.

Collaborating once or twice is great, but this is your business so you can choose how often you collaborate with someone.

Each business WILL grow and evolve, and sometimes you will go out on your own or a different direction, which is normal, it is not personal it is business, it doesn't mean any friendships that may have developed are over.

Before you commit to collaborating with someone, check that they are the right fit for you. That they are in alignment with you, your business, where your business is heading, they compliment your vision.

You will find you will invest in advertising and it can cost you either a small amount or large amount of money depending on your budget.

Be consistent... being seen consistently like a regular business listing or an ad helps people to think of you when the time is right, it helps with word of mouth also, people sharing about your business.

Referrals are great, as someone else sharing their positive experiences with you/ your business helps to create trust.

People take time to get to know you and trust before they will reach out or contact you.

Keep showing up and be open to investing in advertising, we are able to help with this if you are interested in Connect & Grow Magazine.

Duty of Care, Code of Conduct.

Two aspects of business that are extremely important.

Knowing your duty of care to yourself, business and your client, helps you make decisions for your business.

Code of conduct, every business requires this, and some industries also have a specific code of conduct you are to adhere to when providing services in that industry, such as NDIS code of conduct.

If you do not know your duty of care in your business, please take the time to discover it, there are multiple of levels.

Of you do not have a code of conduct, I encourage you to develop one and learn any industry related code of conduct.


Your business is you and where you have it your team. It takes time, money and energy to set it up and grow it. It is important that you have a business plan, financial and marketing plan. That you are consistent and are true to your word.

You maintain confidentiality at all times and accept when looking for business advice you can choose general free advice or specific to your business which will be paid, it's your choice.

Your business is worthy of the best.

Written by Jacqui Grant

Disclaimer: all information is general in nature and it is use is the responsibility and of the reader. Always seek professional advice from qualified people for the specifics of your business.

(C) 2023

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