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Weight Management

Releasing Excess weight and be a challenge however at times something extremely important for your overall health and well-being.

We have currently have two programs available, that support you to achieve your goals in your health, fitness and well-being.

Break Free from old habits and achieve your goals

When it comes to weight management as well as overall health and wellbeing we look at every aspect of your current habits, including stress management, your mindset.

Food and exercise is also part of it and we do also look at other factors that can be holding you back from achieving your goals.

We have a couple of different ways we can support you. Not sure where to start book a call and lets discover the right program for you

Calorie Count

Weight Management Programs

6 easy steps .png

6 Easy Steps to Weight Release

A self paced program that we provide you with the tools to empower yourself to reach your goals.


* eBook: 6 Easy steps to weight release

* Online content - Strategies and tools for your success

* weekly check in's for accountability for 6 weeks

Personal Empowerment Success Coaching Program.png

Personal Empowerment Success Coaching Program

We work with you on your goals for your health, fitness and wellbeing.


* 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions

* Opt-in weekly sms for 3 months

* Personalized program to help you to achieve your goals

*eBooks and online resources


We understand that some times it can be a challenge to create change on your own and that you know what to do its just tough not having the support or able to overcome the blocks.

We have available 1 hour  coaching sessions.

Sara Thomas /Edmonton Canada

“ I have worked with Jacqui on my goals for weight loss both pre and post bariatric surgery.
Jacqui helped me to clear the blocks that were holding me back, my limiting believe with being able to achieve my goals.
With Jacqui's support I released 82kgs."
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