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Disability & Health
Business Coaching & Consulting

Working with YOU from Start up to Growing Your NDIS, Health and Wellbeing Business

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Connecting you to the Right People, Strategies, & Tools at the Right Time for Business Growth


Break Free Consultancy is a successful and trusted National and International Business Consultancy and your partner in taking your Disability—NDIS, Health and Well-Being  Business to the next level!

Our Focus is seeing your vision for your business become a reality and it starts with having the Right business framework in place, your business plan and the Right tools for YOUR Business to GROW and SOAR to new heights!

We understand that EVERY business is different and we empower you to shine and be seen for the

amazing and Unique business that you are.

Running a successful business is a Journey and we are here and Ready to travel the journey with you.

It all starts with a converstation, why not book a call TODAY, together we can Make IT Happen!


Business Set up 


Starting an NDIS business we have your covered.

Having a plan and understanding Business compliance is essential for your business Success!

You can book a call to start


You can access a 

Free Guide to start you off

Business Essentials

Having your documents, policies and procedures in place are essential for your business success ( this is for ALL business not just NDIS business. 

We have a sole trader bundle and a company bundles available..

* Sole Trader Comprehensive Bundle

* Company Comprehensive bundle

Business Resources, Programs

* Disability Business Resource Bundle - Includes understanding - Risk Management, Invoicing, 

NDIS Registeration Internal Audits - we work with you on this process. It starts with a call:

Book an initial call


Coaching & Consultations

Coaching and Consultations are key for your business's long term success.

Perfect for specific guidance and developing strategies for you business.

Coaching is a great way to be empowered whether yu are starting out or Growing.

In a coaching session we use a strategy that is about identifying where you are right now and your goals.

We have available:

1 Hour coaching session, 2 hour coaching sessions and full 12 hour session package, which can be used over 12 months

Book an initial call to find the right one for you


Business Growth

Your busines will GROW when you have the RIGHT adertising and marketing strategies in place.

Connect & Grow Magazine advertising is perfect for those who are ready to be seen by thousands of people.

To be part of the magazine business listing complete Application form - All prices are in the form.

Business Directory

For those with a smaller advertising budget and seen on our website here.

Prices start at $55 per month

To be part of the directory complete Application form


We run regular events from Coffee Catch up's to Expos and Conferences, 

To learn more Visit our Events Page.


Workplace Education

We work with business to ensure their are creating a inclusive workplace.

We provide education sessions on:

* Health & Wellbeing in the workplace

* Neurodviversity in the workplace.

Both of these are available in person where possible and via video call - Teams or Zoom


Book a Call to discuss invesment and options.

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We also work with Clients around the world - New York Time Square

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It all starts with a Vision and WE work with you to make it a reality!

I first contact Jacqui after seeing her on a billboard in Times Square New York. I readcahed for some coaching on working with our clients who are neurodivergent.
I was so impressed with the way Jacqui Coaches and teaches that I arranged for her to teach my enitre team and two allied Health teams here in New York, over 50 ppeeople. Everyone ha amazing things to say and loved the presentation we are inviting Jacqui here for our conference in 2025.
Our interactions with our clients has improved and the business coaching strategies Jacqui proved me with has seen my business double.
IF you want to grow your business, and understand neurodiversity book Jacqui. she is worth tworth the investment!"
Phillip Smyth - Physiotherapist New York USA - 2024

"Jacqui Grant is incredible coach and presenter. I stared with a two hour session for my business here in New York - Physiotherapist, then I arranged for Jacqui to Present to my entire team 25 allied Health professionals on Neurodiversity in the workplace. Best presentation we have had. Jacqui's knowledge of autism, ADHD and how to work with people who have thses diagnosis is by far the best I have come across.
Our staff who have some traits of Autism and ADHD felt they were understood. We will definitely be hbe working with Jacqui more.
The entire team loved it and we are hoping to get Jacqui to speak in person at  our conference in 2025
As a Coach, Jacqui has a way of helping you to become really  and heard, from there she helps you to create aplan that yu feel confident to implement.
I  Highly recommend both business coaching and getting Jacqui to work with your team on neurodiversity. Whatever your business is, working with Jacqui will get you results."
Phillip  Symth - Physiotherapis New York - March 2024

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Connect & Grow Magazine

Connect and Grow Magazine has a variety of articles that we release each month on the 16th.

Amongst our articles and sections is a Business Listing section, where we welcome Business to advertise.

Each of them have thousands of regular views and interactions

To learn more visit each of them:

* Connect and Grow Magazine

Prices are in the application form

Not sure

Why not book a call to discuss what it is you would like:

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Connect and Grow Magazine Today

"After several months of searching for the right support worker for my daugther who has autsim and about ready to give up I came across Connect and Grow Magazine. I found a person who was perfect for Kayla. Thank you Jacqui for the Magazine, the article are also incredible! I hope more business become in involved in this well written and beauitful magazine"
-Bianca - Grateful mother Adeliade  2024

Connect & Grow Networking Events

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Our Events

Activate Allied Health, Connect and Grow Doncaster Expo

Melton Expo February 2024

About Jacqui & Break Free Consultancy

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Break Free Consultancy was first founded by Jacqui Grant in 2007


 Jacqui has  over 36 years of experience and qualifications in the Health and Disability sector, in a variety of roles including management.

 Jacqui's other qualifications include: Trainer and Assessor, Personal Trainer, Empowerment Practitioner/Coach, Speaker​, Registered nurse. Psychosocial Recovery Coach.

Jacqui is also 9 times Amazon Best Selling Author and author of 22 books all together.

With personal experience with neurodiversity and obesity, Jacqui is also passionate about seeing those who are neurodiverse be accepted and empowered in their life.

Jacqui started Break Free Consultancy as a business to be able to work WITH those who are ready to create long term changes in their life, that includes their business.

Jacqui's Achievements​​​

Jacqui has been featured in multiple media outlets including Tickernews, Australian Business Journal, American Business Journal,  CEO Magazine, just to name a few....

She has also been a speaker at events in Australia, Canada and America over the years on topics including Neurodiversity, Health and Wellbeing.

You can learn more about Jacqui here: About Us

That’s why we’re here to help you Break Free from whatever is holding you back, feel empowered and achieve your goals.


Not sure where to start, Book a FREE Discover Call - Australia only

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Jacqui and Break Free consultancy have been featured in numerous media outlets including magazines, newspapers, and radio shows.

We  have been praised for our innovative approach to empowering business and personal growth.

Our inspiring stories and leadership in Health and Disability Sector has been shared worldwide and has served as motivation to countless individuals and business' looking to make a positive change in their lives, especially in relation to Neurodiversity, Empowerment Coaching, Working with Disability Business and Health & Wellness Coaching.

Jacqui and Break Free Consultancy Team are committed to helping people reach their goals and have garnered a great deal of admiration for doing so.

Our mission to create a better future has been covered in many publications and has been well-received by the public.


Natalie Young,  Nurse- Sole Trader Disability - Brisbane 

“So grateful for Jacqui Grant. When I reached out for help I thought I understood the disability sector, I was wrong. I purchased the Ultimate bundle and am impressed with how well the policies and procedures are written. I then had coaching with Jacqui and attended Masterclass'
I am also keen to do more of her courses, she has a great set up to help all of us working in the disability sector.
I am keen to learn about neurodiversity and will be saving up to do the Empowerment Practitioner Training.
If you are serious about setting up your business properly then go with Jacqui."

Considering Working with Us?

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Take your time to look at each page or if not sure, why not book a call with us to learn more

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