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Connect, Grow and Empower

Connecting you with the Right People, Strategies and Tools to empower you in your business and personal life!

Break Free Consultancy is a successful and trusted National Business Consultancy and your partner in taking your Health, Fitness and Disability - NDIS business to the next level.

Our focus on creating robust business processes, supporting staff education and well-being, understanding how your business can be seen and grow. This all starts with a solid foundation and we work WITH you on that.

We work with you and your team during Business Consultation and Coaching services specifically tailored to your business needs, empowering you each step of the way. 

We also have Neurodiversity Inclusive work place education and consultantions, Wellbeing in the workplace consultatins and programs

Once you have your business has a solid foundation it's important that people can find you and that is where our Business Directory, Connect & Grow Magazine and Connect & Grow events come in.

We have advertising opportunties  in the business directory and magazine, as well as networking at the envetnsand we have made acces to all of these easy for people to find you.

Consistency is the KEY to Success!

To assist those with business' in the Disability sector we have put together a comphrensive resource bundle

One low price - life time access 





Everything starts with a converstation, so lets have a chat, you can book in your initial call today to learn more












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Connect & Grow Networking Events

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We also work with Clients around the world - New York Time Square

Connect & Grow Magazine 
Topics include: Nutrition, NDIS, Fitness, Mindset, Mental Health, Business listing, Weight Management, Events, Neurodiversity, Book Corner and more.
Articles are online, and you can also purchase the e-magazine
We have opportunities for business to


Our Events

Melton Expo February 2024

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Service NDIS internal audit and Gap analysis

"Thank you so much Jacqui, after talking to you, we are so confident with our audit. I wish all agencies were like you providing moral support and addressing in depth to all the unanswered questions. Once again, thank you , thank you, thank you."
12th September 2023 
Shiral Coutinho - Sole Trader Disability Worker 

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Online Tools and Resources

We have a range of different course, programs and memberships for personal goals, NDIS business' and professional development

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Change YOUR Life or YOUR business in 3 Months

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"Today is the day that you CHOOSE,,,, to be empowered and life the life you dream of or not!."

About Jacqui & Break Free Consultancy

Break Free Consultancy was first founded by Jacqui Grant in 2007


 Jacqui has  over 36 years of experience and qualifications in the Health and Disability sector, in a variety of roles including management.

 Jacqui's other qualifications include: Trainer and Assessor, Personal Trainer, Empowerment Practitioner/Coach, Speaker​, Registered nurse. Psychosocial Recovery Coach.

Jacqui is also 6 times Amazon Best Selling Author and author of 18 books all together.

With personal experience with neurodiversity and obesity, Jacqui is also passionate about seeing those who are neurodiverse be accepted and empowered in their life.

Jacqui started Break Free Consultancy as a business to be able to work WITH those who are ready to create long term changes in their life, that includes their business.

Jacqui's Achievements​​​

Jacqui has been featured in multiple media outlets including Tickernews, Australian Business Journal, American Business Journal,  CEO Magazine, just to name a few....

She has also been a speaker at events in Australia, Canada and America over the years on topics including Neurodiversity, Health and Wellbeing.

You can learn more about Jacqui here: About Us

That’s why we’re here to help you Break Free from whatever is holding you back, feel empowered and achieve your goals.


Not sure where to start, Book a FREE Discover Call - Australia only

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Jacqui and Break Free consultancy have been featured in numerous media outlets including magazines, newspapers, and radio shows.

We  have been praised for our innovative approach to empowering business and personal growth.

Our inspiring stories and leadership in Health and Disability Sector has been shared worldwide and has served as motivation to countless individuals and business' looking to make a positive change in their lives, especially in relation to Neurodiversity, Empowerment Coaching, Working with Disability Business and Health & Wellness Coaching.

Jacqui and Break Free Consultancy Team are committed to helping people reach their goals and have garnered a great deal of admiration for doing so.

Our mission to create a better future has been covered in many publications and has been well-received by the public.


Natalie Young,  Nurse- Sole Trader Disability - Brisbane 

“So grateful for Jacqui Grant. When I reached out for help I thought I understood the disability sector, I was wrong. I purchased the Ultimate bundle and am impressed with how well the policies and procedures are written. I then had coaching with Jacqui and attended Masterclass'
I am also keen to do more of her courses, she has a great set up to help all of us working in the disability sector.
I am keen to learn about neurodiversity and will be saving up to do the Empowerment Practitioner Training.
If you are serious about setting up your business properly then go with Jacqui."

Considering Working with Us?

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Take your time to look at each page or if not sure, why not book a call with us to learn more

( for Australia only)

Our Approach and Mission

Jacqui is passionate about seeing others succeed and she empowers her team to be the same.

Everyone has the opportunity to live and Empowered Life and that is Jacqui's vision and mission in life, something she does really well and instils in her team.
Break Free Consultancy is about feeling empowered to live your Unique life and Jacqui understand that is not always easy.

Mission and Values of Break Free Consultancy is:
Respect, Integrity and Empowerment
With the right information, the right support and the right attitude/mindset comes success.

Jacqui and Break Free Consultancy has had the honor of working with over 1400 individuals, 450 business in the past 3 years, in disability, health, fitness and  and we look forward to working with YOU on your goals, whether they be personal or professional

Have questions.
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We hired Jacqui Grant to come to our business to help us support our Staff who are neurodiverse and while with us we got her to help us with a Wellbeing Program. Jacqui exceed our expectations. Our staff are enjoying work, there is less sick leave and the staff we have who are neurodiverse have thanked us, they feel fully supported.  We highly recommend Jacqui to work with your company. She is worth the investment as are your staff."

Toby Peters  CEO /Support Coordination- Disability Business / Brisbane 

" I completed Jacqui Grant's Empowerment Practitioner training and love the  techniques that Jacqui teaches. Working with those who are neurodiverse client is now amazing, we are getting results. What Jacqui teaches is I had never seen before and to see the joy in my clients using all I have learnt is worth the investment. Do yourself a favor and become an Empowerment Practitioner/coach and learn from Jacqui. Your clients with thank you. 

Alison Thomas / Psychologist / Edmonton Canada

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