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Change begins with YOU!

Are you ready to be the best version of you?

Are you ready to discover Your Own Uniqueness and feel confident to achieve your goals, whether they be personal or professional, business?

We are here and ready to work WITH you.

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Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It!

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About Break Free Consultancy

Break Free Logo is a bird

At Break Free Consultancy we are about empowering you to be the best you can be.

Jacqui Grant is the person behind the success of Break Free Consultancy and all the programs

We offer services that include working with individuals on their personal goals as well working with business in the corporate and disability sectors

With over 35 years in Health and Disability sector, over 10 years of coaching experience we have developed the following services 

Disability business or grow their current one. This includes Starter Kits, Policies & Procedures, Coaching sessions, 6 & 12 Month Business Consultations Services. 

We also run Masterclass' and Seminars for those working in the disability sector on a range of topics.  You can contact us to learn more

 Empowerment Seminars  along with Developing and implementing Wellbeing Programs for business, Masterclass', Empowerment Workshops and Empowerment Practitioner Training, along with Professional Development for Personal Trainers - Beyond Bariatric Surgery Program.

Jacqui is an Amazon Best Seller of 3 books and author of 11books.

You can access books on weight management, build a disability business, Gratitude and more here:

 Book 12  Embodied Queen. Discover Your Own Uniqueness & Live YOUR Best Life is coming out in 2023, VIP offers opening soon... You can purchase any of Jacqui's book in Amazon or in our online shop.

Our Services

All of our services are here and you can also learn more on the individual pages.

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What our Clients have to say...

"Jacqui Grant's Empowerment Sessions are the best I have ever experienced.

The way she helped me to clear my blocks of procrastination and fear was like nothing I have experienced before.


I am now feeling confident in my job and in social settings. I have finished off my study that I had put off for 18 months.

If you want to feel great and confident, to achieve your goals, book a session with Jacqui.

I will be doing the Empowerment Practitioner Training in 2023"

Katie Thomas

"Good morning all,

I just wanted to put up an appreciation post to Jacqui Grant since I found here, all the way up here on the Sunshine Coast after reaching out for some advice and assistance with the operations running my small disability services business,


Jacqui has been amazing, so incredibly helpful with everything I have needed so far, her knowledge is priceless.


So thank you, for everything so far an i look forward to working with you more."

Disability Sole Trader 

"If you want to achieve your goals, whether they are business or personal Jacqui is the person.

I have started working with Jacqui on my disability business, it has since grown into her helping me to employ staff, she has run a Wellbeing Seminar for my staff and she has also developed a Wellbeing Program for my small disability support business.

 Jacqui has also helped me personally to manage me stress and anxiety, I absolutely love the SWIRL & TIB techniques she has used with me to help me have clarity and belief in myself.

I will be working with Jacqui again soon"

Angela Lopez 

Success of 2022 
We have had the honor to work with over 350 disability business, 150 individual clients on the person goals in health, fitness and wellbeing.
Jacqui has present wellbeing seminars to business in Australia, Canada and America 

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