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Support Workers

The Role of the Support worker in the disability sector is one that is important to many people to be able to live their life, to be able to do things that they may not be able to without support, the role also includes being able to give relief to the family members who care for those who need additional support.

Support Workers

When it comes to working as a support worker, you may be employed, you may choose to become a sole trader or start your own company.

Its important to understand the role and the business compliance if stepping into being a business owner,.

Having qualifications in disability or health is definitely something that is consider best practice and for the safety and duty of care of the people you provide support to.

We have a range of course and set up options available to support you.

If you are wanting to learn the role of the support coordinator please take a look at our courses below

We also have an online FREE guide for setting up  and running your business.

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Courses and Resources

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Documents, Policies and Procedures

We have a range of ways to purchase documents, policies and procedures for your business a Sole trader or Company

Starter Kit- Documents only

Policy and Procedure  Bundles - Policies and Procedures only

Ultimate Bundles - all documents, policies and procedures along with eBook - Build a Successful disability business.

All  of these are available in our 


We have multiple course available to assist you with your business:

* Build a successful disability business - Sole Trader

Includes your documents and online content

Build a Successful Disability Business Company

includes documents and online content

Consultations, Coaching 

We provide for those who would like additional support of their business.

1 hour Session 


12 hour bundle 

Not sure where to start why not book a call with us:

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