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Feature Article - Benefits of Coaching

Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 5 - January 2024

What is coaching, who is it for, and why should you consider it?

Coaching - Personal and Business


Coaching is something that more people now embrace. However, when I started to study coaching over 20 years ago, it seemed to be out there at the time and something not many people accepted; over time, it became something many people started offering as a service. Still, they had not completed a course and caused a few issues for people. Slowly, over time, it has become more balanced, and it can be a tool that makes a perfect tool for people.

I enrolled in various coaching courses over the years, with the Coaching Institute teaching me about the different types of coaching, including business coaching. The Health Coaching course I completed was tailored to health coaching with people. I learnt about coaching using the Health Coaching methodology method, and then there was coaching using motivational interviewing when meeting my personal training qualifications.

Coaching is an incredible tool to help you access your knowledge and identify different approaches to creating change.

What coaching is!

There are so many different layers to coaching!

When you think about Coaching, what comes to mind?

For some people, it is being told what to do, like the sports coach who decides how to play the game, so speak; there is often an expectation that a coach will tell you what to do!

I am sure you can visualise someone standing over you and even yelling at you.

As a child, I remember watching my dad coach one of the local football teams and getting results; I also remember him yelling at the players when they were in the wrong position and telling them to move to where they needed to be.

For some people, personal training or even business coaching can feel very similar, that push for results!

Some people's perception of coaching...

What coaching is for most people now?

It is about empowerment and asking the right questions at the right time.

The right coach will be clear on what they know and how they can work WITH you and empower you to take action for yourself, whether personal or business goals.

Attitude makes a huge difference in achieving your goals.

Mindset and attitude impact the steps you take and the level of success you will have.

The right coach will empower you and help you stay focused on your business or personal goals. They will not answer the questions for you; however, they will help you uncover answers and discuss them with you. They will have you feel like the boss of your own life, and they will help you understand the one thing that is always consistent and that you can rely on in your life is YOU and that there will always be change... life is constantly changing, you are changing, and the people in your life will always change in some way.


At Break Free Consultancy, we are launching our brand new program for business': Connect, Grow and Coach. It is 12 months and is an opportunity for business owners to connect, potentially grow their business and be coached. It is online with Monthly sessions via team video in the evenings when you can focus on yourself... the program will also include online resources. This is an excellent opportunity for health and disability businesses to connect and build community.

We also have a Personal 6-week self-paced program focusing on Health, Fitness and Wellbeing. The goal is to provide you with information and strategies each month to be the best you can be; there is weekly meditation and tips for overall health and well-being; each of these is an essential part of self-care and minimising burnout and fatigue. It is self-paced over the six weeks so you can log on anytime.


Book a FREE call to see if your services are right for you.

Written by Jacqui Grant

(C) 2024 Break Free Consultancy

Disclaimer: Information in this article is for general use only. It is essential to always seek support and input from the right person qualified to answer your questions and work with you. Always seek professional input.

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