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Book Corner

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 6 February 2024

So many books are in the category of self-help and working on yourself and creating changes in your personal life. However, Embodied Queen is one of those books that is a bit different.

I am sharing some of my journey of trauma and healing, along with how life changes with awareness and insight. Embodied Queen takes you on a journey from being perfect and whole at birth, and life experiences can impact how we feel about ourselves and how we approach life. Then the third part of the book is how to overcome the challenges and create a life that is right for you.


My life, like others, has had a lot of challenges, from learning that I am neurodivergent, relationships that didn't work out, and health and well-being impacted to the point where I was at one stage morbidly obese. I faced judgements by so many people, including myself. The road to releasing excess weight led to me learning a lot about myself and the boundaries, or lack thereof at times, that I had the self-talk and mindset.

Embodied Queen takes you on a journey and will help you be true to yourself, let go of what is no longer working, and be the person you choose to be that you can be.

When you can accept who you are and what makes you, you are opening the door for a life full of opportunities to shine, to laugh and to be able to face challenges that come with a positive mindset.

Challenges are part of life and the key thing to remember is how we handle those challenges… we can either run away or put our head in the sand or we can face them face on and with confidence., the choice is always yours and remember you can only control certain parts of your life.


You can choose to either react or respond… you cannot control others, and that includes how they treat you.

If you want to change your life and heal from the past, Embodied Queen is the book for you.

The eBook and paperback are available.


Always believe in YOU!

About the author:

Jacqui Grant

Jacqui Grant has written 18 books, 7 of them are best sellers.

Jacqui is an Empowerment coach and business consultant to those working in the business disability sector and a Neurodiversity in the Workplace trainer.

With a passion for empowering others to achieve their personal or business goals, Jacqui is constantly updated with the health, fitness, wellness and disability sectors.

Jacqui provides coaching, business consultations, various online and in-person courses and more.

Jacqui has qualifications in nursing, business compliance, internal auditing, personal training, coaching, trainer and assessor, and experience in Support coordination, care navigation, managing a support worker business in disability and other health roles, including Health Coaching for Medibank private.

Jacqui is neurodivergent and has family members who are also neurodivergent.

Jacqui is also the Editor and Chief of this magazine and the CEO of Break Free Consultancy.

(C )2024 Break Free is Consultancy

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