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Connect and Grow Magazine - September 2023 - Edition 1

Each month, we will share about the events that are aware of. Businesses are welcome to submit an application to list their events in our magazine.

Australia wide

Markets are a great way to support local community and also get some exercise as you look around. Every weekend there are several markets around different areas all with different stalls and each with the opportunity to support a local small business.

Melbourne Victoria

Connect and Grow Networking events by Break Free Consultancy are perfect for businesses in the disability and health sectors as a way of connecting and growing business.

There are Connect and Grow Coffee Catch-ups every Wednesday in different parts of Melbourne, and once a month, a Connect and Grow Networking event - 1/2 day with 2- 3 speakers and lunch. These events are interactive and a great way to get to know other people with a take-home gift bag for everyone.

To learn and book your place for the November Connect and Grow event, visit Connect and Grow Events.

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