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Personal Empowerment

We have a variety of ways to work with you and your business

Take your time to go through all of the services and if not sure where to start of have a question, book a Discovery Call for you.

Our courses, Memberships and Programs are run via Break Free Learning Centre. 

We also do have the option of coming to business.

Success IS YOURS

Do you ever feel like you are not able to achieve your goals in her Health, Fitness and Wellbeing including weight management?

Have you had bariatric surgery and struggling still?

Have you noticed that you stress levels are impacting other aspects of your life?

At Break Free Consultancy, we would love to work WITH you to clear away what is holding your back, in your personal goals.

Together we break through the barriers to you living an empowered life.

Jacqui has personal experience of overcoming obesity whilst being a neurodivergent person, and has gone onto become a personal trainer and weight management practitioner, which is in addition to her other qualifications


As a nurse and someone who has delivered a Health Coaching program with a major health fund insurer, Jacqui knows the importance of overall health and wellbeing. 

Are you ready to Break Free from all the challenges that are stopping you from living an empowered life and achieve your personal goals in your health, fitness and wellbeing, including your weight management.

Jacqui's passion is also empowering Coaches to help them understand neurodiversity and how to work with those who are neurodivergent to empower them, this is our Empowerment Practitioner training.

Not sure where to start book a call 

Memberships & Coaching

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VIP Membership

Break Free VIP Membership Provides you with savings on our courses and programs

These savings are off the upfront prices.

Calorie Count

Course and programs

We have a variety of course and programs to assist you to achieve your personal goals.

Book a call to identify the right program for you


We understand that some times it can be a challenge to create change on your own and that you know what to do its just tough not having the support or able to overcome the blocks.

We have available 1 hour  coaching sessions.

We also have our Personal Empowerment Coaching Program 

Online content

6 hours coaching and more

Our  Health, Fitness and Wellness Services.....


The first step to achieving your goals is to feel Empowered

6 Easy Steps to Weight release Program

Perfect for those who are ready to release excess weight and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Delivered online and with the option to add on a coaching session to have a personalized plan developed with Jacqui.

Empowering Wellbeing

A short course that includes 45 meditations and online content that empowers wellbeing.

We provide you with a card message from the Empowering Wellbeing card deck and the opportunity to ask us a question.

Access is for 3 months, so you can do the meditations as often as you like

Empowerment Practitioner Training

Empowerment Practitioner Training is for those who would like to upskill and be able to work with those who are neurodiverse to achieve their goals.

Perfect for coaches, nurse's, allied health professionals and support workers to upskill.

12 months training

To learn more book a call 

Personal Empowerment Success Coaching Program

Perfect for those who would like the one to one support to achieve health and wellbeing goals including weight management.

You receive over 6 hours of support and access to online resources along with additional resources provided you including a personalized program 

With the right support, you can achieve your goals!

Sarah Pearson /Counsellor/Edmonton Canada

“As a counselor I understand neurodiversity, however, I have no lived experienced, so when I hired two staff who are neurodiverse, we had a few challenges. A friend suggested Jacqui Grant. After speaking with Jacqui and reading her book Neurodiversity in the Workplace, I knew I had the right person. Jacqui spent time with my staff, HR manager, and myself. If you have any staff who are neurodiverse, contact Jacqui, her knowledge is extensive, her support incredible and she makes it easy to understand, we even had a lot of fun."
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