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Networking is Key to Success in business!

Connect and Grow Magazine - September 2023 Edition 1

When it comes to running a successful business, any business networking is a huge part of your success. Networking builds community. If you have ever been to a networking event you will know that they all run differently and some of them are of incredible value and some are not a match for you and your business, it is about connection with others and your business being seen and known about by others.

The benefits of networking are:

· Getting to know other businesses in the same or similar industry to you.

· Building community

· Potential for other businesses to refer to you and you do the same, this builds trust.

· Being part of something more than your business.

· Access to new ideas and even a fresh approach to how you are running your business, sometimes it takes one person to share an idea for you to start thinking in a different way.

Networking events that have speakers that share their experience, and their information are also a great way to learn what is going on in the industry that you are providing services and also stay up to date.

Each person is different, every business is different and there is never one way that fits everyone, which is where networking can open amazing doors.

On 20th September 2023, we ran a 2-hour Connect and Grow networking event and had 23 people attend.

Julie Fisher (who was also mentioned in our Book Corner section) spoke about her experience having a child within syndrome and how her son Darcy experiences life and his goals. Julie also shared about how having the right support team for Darcy has made all the difference.

I presented on the topic of what life is like as a person who is neurodiverse and late diagnosis along with talking about business compliance in the disability sector. There was plenty of time for everyone to get to know others in the room to share about their business and exchange business details. Seeing each person smile and laugh during the time together.

Since that day, businesses are now keen to attend another event and to keep building and growing connections. Many photos have been shared on social media, and because of sharing the positive experience, other people are reaching out, and the positive energy is spreading further and further.

The benefit of this for everyone is the connection and this forms the basis for long-term positive business relationships which in turn helps those who require the services.

There are many ways that networking can occur:

· A coffee catch-up one-on-one with another service provider

· Group coffee catchups with a small group of other providers

· A big expo, where you can meet other providers and potential clients/people for your services.

· Online events

· Networking like Connect and Grow

· Doing a course – you get to meet like-minded people.

· A get-together over a game of mini golf or bowling.

Networking and other events will take you away from your business day-to-day running, and many do charge a small fee to cover costs; however, that is a business deduction. It is important to decide which ones are right for your business so that you can attend and still meet your business requirements.

When did you last attend a networking event, and what did you enjoy about it? What would you like to see at a networking event?

You can learn more about our Connect and Grow events: Connect and Grow Events

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