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NDIS business- Business Basics

Connect and Grow Magazine - November 2023 Edition 3

Practice Standards and Pricing arrangement guide

The next two things to understand that everyone who is running a business providing services to NDIS participants is the Practice standards and the NDIS Pricing arrangement guide.

Whilst asking questions on social media can be useful, often the information is incorrect, and this occurs for a couple of reasons:

  • When a question is too broad, the responses will be broad and may be incorrect.

  • Not enough information is provided for the question to be answered correctly.

  • There are multiple scenarios in the one question, leaving up to interpretation.

The first place to start when you offer services is to understand the criteria for your service provision and how it fits in with the NDIS criteria, then what the MAXIMUM rate is that you can invoice for. This does not mean you invoice the maximum rate, but knowing what it is is important.

When setting your prices for service delivery, it is important to have an idea in mind and then discuss with the person or their advocate about the services required and their expectations for price. 

Remember that the person’s funding is to last the length of their plan unless there is a significant change in circumstances, in which case a review maybe required and this is a process that Support Coordinators or Local Area Coordinators can assist with.

Understanding these documents is the solid foundation for your business.

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If you require any further assistance you can book a 1 hour coaching session: 1 hour coaching

(C) 2023 Connect and Grow Magazine - November 2023 Edition 3

Disclaimer: Always seek advice from the right professional for your circumstances. Always research and ask questions. This article is general in nature and to be used at the discretion of the reader.


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