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Fitness -Self love and Respect

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 6 February 2024

This Month, Viviene is sharing how your exercise program is a gift to you and your health.

In this fast-paced world, it’s very easy to forget the importance of loving and embracing our true selves.

As a personal trainer, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of honouring who we indeed are!

In this article, I will share my insights and practical tips on cultivating self-love and care in our daily lives.




Know your Worth!



To embark on a journey of truly loving who you are, ‘warts’ and all, it’s crucial to recognise your inherent worthiness.  Acknowledge you are unique, with strengths and qualities that make you special.  Embrace your imperfections and understand they make you. You and they are part of your authentic self.


Celebrating YOUR Body

As a personal trainer, I’ve witnessed the countless times my clients have struggled with body image issues.  Instead of focusing on societal standards, try shifting the perspective towards appreciating the amazing things your body can do.   Please treat it with kindness, nourish it with healthy choices, and engage in physical activities that bring you joy! e.g. if the pump is not your jam, go for a swim in the sea, participate in a yoga class or adult dancing classes, do not be swayed by what others think is appropriate, and dance to the beat of your drum proudly!


Prioritising Self Care

Self-love encompasses taking care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Make self-care a priority by establishing a routine that nourishes your body and soul.  Engage in activities that recharge you, such as practising mindfulness, journaling, or a hobby.  Remember, self-care is not selfish; it’s an essential component of self-love.

Embracing Authenticity


Who we are means embracing our authentic selves.  Stop comparing yourself to others and instead focus on your unique journey.  Explore your passions, talents and interests and let them guide you towards a fulfilling life. Surround yourself with people who celebrate your authenticity and inspire you to be your best self.

I have witnessed incredible transformations of clients when they embrace who they are and honour their gifts and all they are without judgment.  By recognising our true worth, celebrating our bodies, prioritising self-care, and embracing authenticity, we can all cultivate that true and deep sense of self-love, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

As Ru Paul says, ‘If you can’t love yourself, honey, how the hell you gonna love someone else?’


Written by Vivienne Derwent



Personal Trainer & Clinical Nutritionist

(C) 2024 Break Free Consultancy


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