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Disability Services and Inclusion Act Updates

This article covers the updates to the Disability Services and Inclusion Act and other updates.

In December, the Disability Services and Inclusion legislation was updated and is now the current Disability Service and Inclusion Act 2023.

Also, at the same time, the following documents were updated:

  • Code of Interest

  • Incident and Complaints

  • Compliance

The federal register has these documents and has recently changed to a new platform and has been having some issues, so I have added each document in pdf here for those who would like to read them now.

For future reference, here is the link to the Federal Register of Legislation

It is important for everyone who provides services and works with people with a disability to read these documents, update any documents, policies and procedures that require updating, and if you also employ staff, provide them with a copy of the current NDIS Code of Conduct, the new version can be found here: NDIS code of Conduct.

Some of the changes are in alignment with what has been mentioned in the recently NDIS review report.

Mr Bill Shorten announced in December 2023, that a task force has been put together to review the current NDIS registration process for business and to identify and find solutions to any challenges that prevent business from becoming NDIS registered, this task force has been created to work on this for 6 months.

As has been mentioned in the NDIS review, a recommendation for all service providers to become NDIS registered, the working party is put together to find out how this could be done in an easier way than it currently is and what else would be need to do this.

Its important to keep eye out for any announcements.

Important Documents.

Below you will find pdf's that have come from the Federal Register f legislation.

These documents are direct from the register and where indicated from the NDIS website, we put them here in one place to help you locate them with easy.

Disability Services and Inclusion Act 2023 ( legislation)

Disability Services and Inclusion Act 2023
Download PDF • 822KB

Disability Services and Inclusion Code of Conduct

Disability Services and Inclusion Code of Conduct December 2023
Download PDF • 614KB

Disability Services and Inclusion Incident and Complaints

Disability Services and Inclusion Complaints and Incidents Management December 2023
Download PDF • 686KB

Disability Services and Inclusion Standard and Alternative Compliance

Disability Services and Inclusion Standard and Alternative Compliance
Download PDF • 666KB

I am also including some other useful resources for you to access, these are available on the NDIS website and I encourage you to bookmark the pages, as the pricing guide will change again in July 2024.

NDIS Pricing arrangement - Updated November 2023

NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2023-24 v1.2
Download PDF • 1.58MB

NDIS Group based Support transition guidance

Group-Based Supports Transition Guidance - 202310
Download PDF • 475KB

NDIS Home and living demonstration Project - for those who provide supports in this area

PB NDIS Home and Living Demonstration Projects Addendum 2023-24 v1.0.docx
Download PDF • 139KB

We have a few other articles that you may find useful:

If you are considering becoming NDIS registered we are able to work with on that.

All business should have in place already all their documents, policies and procedures, if you don't I encourage you to do this as it is part of business compliance and important part of your business' long term success.

We have ultimate bundles available in the disability sector store - all templated ready for you to make minor changes to ensure they suit your business properly.

We have our Connect and Grow magazine where we have updates and information about NDIS and as well as other topics such as Health, fitness and wellbeing, events and much more.

All information is accurate at the time of publication and we encourage you to read the documents and make changes in your business as you require to meet compliance both under the act and NDIS operational guidelines and Australian Consumer law.

Always consult with the appropriate person for your business needs such as a lawyer, HR consultant, Accountant.


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