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Connect and Grow with Jacqui Grant Podcast

Connect and Grow Magazine: Edition 10 June - July 2024

We are excited to share with you that we have some great podcasts available.

Our podcast is available on a multitude of platforms.

You can check out our podcast and listen to it on a variety of platforms:

Following our recent speaking episodes with Kathy Ashton, we will have Natalia Walker this month, so please like, follow, and share to stay current.

Listen here to our podcast on Spotify.

Our recent episodes feature engaging discussions with Natalia and Kathy. This month, please Like, Follow, and share the podcasts to hear the latest.

As part of our podcast, we have a range of topics that we cover:


·                     NDIS


·                     Health, Fitness and Wellbeing


·                     Neurodiversity


·                     Weight management, including bariatric surgery.


·                     Mindfulness and self-care


If you would like to be a guest on our show, email us at and put Podcast guest in the subject line.

To Stay up to date with our Magazine and receive the e-magazine and bonus content why not subscribe today

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