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Business to Business - Health and Wellbeing in Business!

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 10 June - July 2024

Health and Wellbeing in Business!




This month's Business-to-business strategies focus on business basics, including the balance in your business.

Business success is dependent on a couple of things:


 1. Solid Foundation

2. Planning

3. Action

4. Reassessment

5 Excel

6 Balance


1.    Solid foundation.

A business with a plan or a solid foundation with documents, policies, and procedures will not have long-term or short-term success.

The business could be more focused. While it might appear to be working well in some instances, when something goes wrong—and it often does in business—the business may end up with fines or, even worse, sued. Let's be clear: setting up your business with appropriate documents, policies, and procedures is like having the right tools for the job.

The policies and procedures are what the business does and what the escalation process is, should there be a need to take further action, or what occurs if there is an incident. They are a form of protection for the business and a way of clearly letting staff know what is expected of their role, if something goes wrong, and how to escalate things to and to whom.

2. Planning

A business plan is part of your business foundation and set-up; however, it is often something even sole traders think they do not need.

 A business plan incorporating your beliefs and values is critical to approaching all aspects of your business, including your pitch. A solid business plan that includes different action points helps you stay on track and keeps your business motivated and moving.

A good business plan will also include the health and wellbeing of both you as the business owner and your staff.

3. Action

What action steps do you need to take for your business right now, for you, the person, and if you have staff, for your staff?

These actions can include checking in on your business's branding and messaging, adding a new product, running a team-building day, or incorporating a fun wellbeing activity into the team each week to help keep the staff focused and as part of self-care.

Other actions in your business can be promoting your services through attending events or running an event yourself.

Your business actions should be planned, and always ensure you have a clear pathway in your day as the business owner.

 If you are the only one working in and on your business, it's crucial to have a work-life balance. While your business will always require you to be aware of client onboarding to keep going, it is just as important to take time out for yourself, just for you, with family and friends and do what you do.

Another necessary action is taking time for your health and wellbeing. With you, there is business; if you are well, you may be able to make the right decisions for your business.


4. Reassessment

With your business, take the time to reassess what you are doing and check in with what is working and what isn't.


 Your business's health and well-being depend on planning, action, and reassessment. If you continue to do something because it once worked but then stops, you could be wasting time and money. So, it's essential to reassess your marketing strategies, which products/services are working, and which ones need improvement.


Then, you can create a new plan, work out your next action steps, and try something else to help your business grow and be seen.


5 Excel

Your business can excel when you are in good health, taking care of yourself and encouraging your staff to do the same. Work-life balance will also increase your staff's productivity.

Know what makes your business work and be clear in your message so that when you meet people, you can share about your business with confidence and ease, showing your passion for what you do.

Business growth is like a seed; it is first planted, then nurtured and taken care of with the right ingredients, and then allowed to grow at its pace, sometimes fast and sometimes slower. This is natural and part of a cycle.


6. Balance


Eventually, you will find a balance in your business. As your business grows significantly and transitions, it will feel full-on, and there will be times when it is quiet and you feel like you should be doing something. However, this is your time to relax a little more and take the time for yourself.

Enjoy the flow of the business, as the quiet times are just as important as the busy times.

When you have flow, you can acknowledge what is working in the industry and celebrate your achievements. Acknowledging the wins is extremely important, as gratitude helps you to focus on the positives.

Remember, there will always be challenges in business, and there will always be changes, and that is normal; just as the weather seasons bring change, they each serve a purpose.



You are amazing; your business will boom when the time is right.

If you want any support for your business or a business Health and Wellbeing check-in, book an initial call to determine the right program for you and your business.


Written by Jacqui Grant

(C)2024 Break Free Consultancy, Connect and Grow Magazine

Disclaimer: All information is correct at time of publication and subject to change. It is up to the reader to take what is right for themselves.


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