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This bundle includes over 35 form templates and over 40 Policies and Procedures templates ready for you to adapt for your business; they are NOT completed documents. There are examples and prompts to consider including in your policies and business procedures. It would be best if you did some work to ensure they suit your business. 


Includes Build a Successful Disability Business eBook

Perfect for those starting out and for those expanding.

Guide to policies and procedures and other resources for your business

Checklist for your business


The complete list is:


A service agreement, Authority to act as an advocate, Consent form, risk assessment, risk register, incident form, incident investigation form, incident report, incident register, progress notes, support plan/care plan, medication chart, third party consent form, invoice, mileage template, timesheet, business plan, swot analysis, the behaviour of concern, continuous improvement, business contingency plan, falls risk assessment, feedback, emergency evacuation plan, hazard form, hazard register, manual handling form, manual handling register, meet and greet form, participant intake form, marketing plan and checklist, participant database spreadsheet. Pre-home visit risk assessment, seizure management


Policies and procedures

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Access to services


Behaviors of concern


Code of conduct

Complaints and feedback


Conflict of interest

Continuity of services

Covid 19

Documentation and communication

Dress code

Duty of care


Food Handling

Hand hygiene

Independence and Informed Choice

Individual values and beliefs

Information management

Management of waste

Mealtime management

Medication Management

Mobile phone use

Money Handling

No smoking

Participant consent

Participant continuous improvement


Privacy and dignity

Quality Management

Receiving gifts

Reportable incidents, accidents and emergencies

Responsive Support provision

Risk Management

Safe environment

Service agreement

Social media

Support planning


Transition or exit of services

Transport and travel

Work Health and safety

Working with Children

Zero tolerance.


While it is a comprehensive list, your specific business may require additional documents. Each can be adapted and used as a base to write other policies your business may require.


These are templates that you can adapt to suit your business needs. Since each business differs, you must adjust these templates to represent your business.


We encourage you to save it onto a USB. The downloadable link will be active for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Digital documents are non-refundable.


Disclaimer: Given that these are templates and require adapting to suit the individual/business and to meet the individual/business's specific needs, they become the responsibility and ownership of the person/business. It is the responsibility of the person/business to ensure that they have the correct legislation and the most up-to-date acts/legislation to meet compliance requirements for their business.


Implementation and use of these documents, policies, and procedures are the responsibility of the individual/business who purchased them from the date of purchase.


We cannot guarantee they will pass the audit as you adapt these generic templates.


Comprehensiver Document, policy and procedure templates Sole Trader

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