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We have 6 incredible workshops for you to attend as you choose.

They will each follow one another with a short break in between.

One link per person for the entire day.

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Marketing and Your Business Message

Sue - Sassy Marketing.

Sue will take you through the importance of the right message for your business in your marketing and how to be found by potential clients.

Sue will also speak to the importance of having a good business plan

Disability Business Compliance & Risk Assessment

Laura - Cherry Pie Services

Laura will share with you the importance of risk assessment and compliance in your disability business.

How to ensure that you, your business and participants are safe to ensure the ongoing success of your business.

HR, Staffing, OHS guidelines 

Leanne & Adrian -


will take you through all the HR information that is important for hiring staff, including sharing about the complexity of the SCHADS award

Shuffles Directories and Job Finder

John - Shuffles Directories

John will share with you how being part of Shuffles Directories can help you grow your business.

He will share with you his goal for Shuffles and how it gives back to the community, especially those who are homeless.

Accounting & Sole Traders What you need to know

Hayley - HNRY 

Hayley with share with you how working with HNRY can help you save time and ensure that your tax and superannuation is done correctly including BAS

Disability Business Process & Wellbeing Programs

Jacqui - Break Free Consultancy

Jacqui will talk about business process' importance of having the right documents, policies and procedures, invoicing and also the importance of a Wellbeing Program for your business, company and sole trader

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