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Meet the Speakers

We have 6 amazing speakers for the day .

Each one brings a incredible value for you and your business, that will assist you to have a successful business in the disability sector .

Read about each speaker here:

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Sue Mills - Sassy Marketing 

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Sue at Sassy Marketing will help you with every aspect of your business from planning to website design, social media and marketing.

Feel supported to set you business with a solid business plan, the right right marketing and message for your specific business.

Also available Website creation and support.

Feel completely supported each step of the way.

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Leanne Fulton & Alistair Beck - Employsure

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Leanne and Adrian at Employsure will help you with all your HR and Work safe decisions, along with understanding the SCHADS award and the RIGHT staff contract.

Know right from the start what your disability business requires when employing staff and meeting work place guidelines and legislation.

It's important to protect yourself, your business and your staff.

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Hayley Bolding - HNRY

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Hayley at HNRY is the perfect solution for all Sole Traders to understand their tax, superannuation and what is a claimable business expense.

Hayley will help you get the most out of your business income and ensure your tax and superannuation obligations are met

It is important to have peace of mind when it comes to your tax and superannuation for your specific business


Laura Saul - CherryPie Services

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Laura is the owner of Cherry Pie Services.

With a focus on compliance and minimizing risk in your disability business.

Laura and her team will guide you with all aspect of your disability business for long term success.

A consultancy company that really cares about your business and its success.

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John Waters - Shuffles  Job and Directories

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John is the owner and Founder of Shuffles Job and Directories

Set up to support both Sole Traders and NDIS participants to connect and be the best they can be.

John has an accounting background and is also a person who understands disability from a personal level.

John and his team are passionate about giving back to the community

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Jacqui Grant - Break Free Consultancy

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Jacqui has over 36 years in the health and disability sector.

As an employment Coach, Jacqui works with both individuals and business' including corporate to achieve their goals. 

 Working with you to set up your disability business and grow it for long term success.

Neurodiverse inclusive, Staff in services, Wellbeing Programs and much more available

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