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Wellbeing -Self Care

Connect and Grow Magazine -November 2023 Edition 3

Self-care is important for overall health & wellbeing!

Self-care: what does it mean to you?

At this time of year, the focus is often budgeting for Christmas, school holidays and many social events, which can be exhausting.

This is often the time of the year that business owners are working out rosters and sorting out their income for the holiday period.

It can also be a great time to start planning and preparing for a break and some self-care time, often the last thing many do.

If you do not already meditate, you may like to add this to your daily routine; it doesn’t have to be a long time, even 5 minutes of standing outside with your eyes closed and taking a few slow, deep breaths.

When you have a sense of tranquility in your life, you also have clarity and the ability to focus on your goals and actions. Last month, we shared with you a link to meditation for tranquility; this month, we are focusing on releasing stress and having success in your life.

Problem-solving is easier, and choosing a healthy, well balanced life becomes easier.

Stress is known to be linked to so many different illnesses and medical conditions; it is important for your overall health and well-being to be mindful of how stress shows up in your life and how you either react or respond to it.

Stress and fatigue take their toll....

Stress looks different to everyone.  It is something that can creep up on us slowly and then it feels like you have been hit hard.

Symptoms of stress are:

  •  Anxiety

  • sleep problems

  •  headaches

  •  muscle tension

  •  irritability

  • difficulty concentrating

In severe cases, stress can even lead to physical symptoms like chest pain or heart palpitations. Don't let stress control your life. Take the time to identify stress symptoms for you, remember that everyone is different and learn how to manage stress in your daily routine.  

Its important to prioritize your mental and physical health, as without you at your best there is no one to do the awesome things you do, whether that be in your personal or professional life.

You can try this meditation for Releasing Stress and Success

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