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Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 4 December 2023

Say Goodbye to 2023 and Start 2024 Afresh: A Simple Reflection Exercise


The end of the year is a natural time for reflection. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate, honour and bring closure to our past year. We’re also in a better state of mind to work out what we want and take steps to move ahead in the new year.

Now is the perfect time for reflecting!


This reflection process can be as simple as finding a quiet 10 minutes to sit in your favourite chair with a refreshing drink or to go for a walk while you do a mental review of your year. You can also scroll through your photos or calendar to jog your memory. Or, if you prefer, have a chat with a trusted friend or professional.


You can think or talk about what you’ve enjoyed and what you’ve learnt during 2023, what hasn’t worked and what you’d like to let go of, as well as what you want to keep and take forward into your new year.



For a little more structure, answer these "Stop, Start, Continue" Reflection Prompts.

This is my all-time favourite reflection exercise because it doesn’t leave you stuck in the past and gives you a plan that you can take action on straight away.



1. What do I want to STOP?

•           What is not working? What do I resent? What feels stale?

2. What do I want to CONTINUE?

•           What is working? What do I love doing? What is most rewarding? When do I feel most alive?

3. What do I want to START?

•           What have I been putting off that I would love to do? What improvements can I make to my life or work? Are there opportunities that I can take advantage of?


Write one or two things that you can do (ideally over the next few days) to create a positive change.


Turn your responses into an action plan by asking the following three questions:

1.         How can I end, remove or reduce these STOPs?

2.         How can I improve or support what I want to CONTINUE?

3.         How can I set myself up to START with success?


Look over all of your ideas and pick one area to focus on first.


Make sure that it feels easy and helps you build positive momentum. This way you’re more likely to honor your word and do it.


And remember that you don’t need to make these changes by yourself. Get support where you need from trusted friends, family and other professionals.


May your 2023 reflections lead you to the changes and fantastic future you're seeking in 2024.


A free resource from Natalia to use is the worksheet for reflection.

Download your FREE resource here:

Written by Natalia Walker

Natalia Walker is available for consultations.

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