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Weight Management - Mindset and Self Care on weight loss journey!

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 10 June- July 2024

Regarding your weight release journey, it is essential to celebrate the wins and take care of yourself every step of the journey.


Weight release requires discipline and commitment to long-term changes. These changes can be challenging at times, especially if you have had bariatric surgery.


Vivienne, Kathy, and Natalia's articles are full of inspiration for self-care and great ideas for nutrition, wellbeing, mindset, and exercise.

Have a variety of tools of measure for your success!

What keeps you motivated and on track when it comes to staying on track? What is that one thing that keeps you making the choices that take you closer to your goals?

Knowing what this is is critical to your long-term success.

Whether you have had bariatric surgery or not, mindset is vital, and you must take care of yourself.

You can choose self-care for yourself, such as getting a massage, having a facial once a month, or ensuring you take time out. It could also include listening to music that you enjoy. Whatever you choose, it is about nurturing your mind, body, and soul.


One strategy I used to manage my mindset was to break it down into things that made sense. Here's what I used; feel free to change it to suit yourself.

Have you noticed that what you focus on, you achieve, whether it is a success or a challenge?


Your thoughts, words and beliefs have power, and when you focus on certain thoughts a lot, you give them energy!


Take a moment to think about something you have focused on; what happened?

M- motivation. What makes you feel good, and why do I want to achieve this goal?

I—Innovation and Inspiration. What creative ideas do you have to keep going with action towards your goals? What inspires you?

N- Now and present in the moment. Being present at the moment is critical to staying on track and focused on what is suitable for you.

D - Determination and Doing. Both of these are important for long-term success. Tap into your determination traits, that part of you that never gives up. Doing is, as it states, it is taking action.

S—Success. What does success mean to you? Determining success helps you know when you have achieved it.

E—Energy and excitement. Regularly checking in with your energy levels is essential. It is also important to feel excited about the entire journey and know that challenges are part of it, so be prepared and embrace them.

T -time. Set your goals with a date to achieve them, and then check in with how you are going. Also, set time aside each day just for you. It could be to exercise, relax, or take a few minutes outside in the fresh air and sunshine. It's essential to book time in your diary just for you in today's busy pace.

To maintain focus on your mindset, consider utilizing the term "mindset" to highlight words that will aid in your adherence to your weight management objectives and your overarching health and wellness endeavours.

Remember to take pride in each milestone achieved and establish ambitious yet achievable goals within a reasonable and practical timeframe.

Maintain faith in your capabilities, and when celebrating your achievements, opt for non-food-related rewards that remind you of your progress. You are worthy of the success and other benefits of releasing excess weight.

Written by Jacqui Grant


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