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Uniquely Me Project

Connect and Grow Magazine - September 2023 - Edition 1

Break Free Consultancy’s project raises funds for various charities supporting others to access what they need, such as food and toy drives, autism, down syndrome, Butterfly Foundation, and more.

We are all unique, amazing, and incredible, no matter what we look like or what we can or cannot do. The Uniquely Me Project is about giving back to the community. We will choose different ones throughout the year because there are so many people in need and many different charities and organisations. From now until 2024, our focus is raising funds for food and gifts for those in need for Christmas. We have found a couple of charities we will look further into and how we can get behind them.

The way you can contribute is to purchase the book Uniquely Me, Gratitude Journal the Uniquely Me coffee mug, we also have the Empowered Wellness Card deck. The profits from each item go directly into the Uniquely Me Project for us to donate in the best possible way to the chosen charity organisation.

We will share as we connect with the different organisations and make a difference in the lives of others.

Uniquely Me book is now available, and those who have shared their stories as part of the book are excited to get their copy.

Uniquely Me Coffee mugs come in a range of text colors

Great as a gift and supporting charities

We thank you to all who have placed their orders of the book, coffee mug and in some cases both.

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(c) 2023 Break Free Consultancy


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