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Uniquely Me - Danny's story

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 3 - November 2023

Giving back to others.

We have a bigger goal and dream, which we will share more as time goes by, for how we gift to others in the community that need our help.

Uniquely Me book is still changing the lives of others and we are releasing in the next few months the Uniquely Me collection, which is jewellery, coasters and a few other items that will make great gifts to yourself and others.

We have been able to start purchasing gifts for children and families who are struggling due to the funds raised from the sale of the Uniquely Me book and Coffee mug, thank you to those who have invested already.

Feedback from book:

Recently, a man by the name of Danny reached out. He has read the book Uniquely Me and wanted to share how it has helped him and share his story of living with a disability...

“ Hi everyone, my name is Danny; I am 28 and have been told I am autistic and have ADHD. I have always struggled to understand other people and have been told that  I upset people in the way I speak. To me I am not being rude, so i used to hide away from people. It was easier to play computer games all day instead of talking to people who ended up rejecting me.

I started with a support worker when i got an NDIS plan 4 months ago. it has been hard as even my support worker doesn’t have patience to get to know me and likes to be on his phone all day instead of helping me with my cooking and shopping. I need help with these as i  tend to leave the stove on and forget what I am doing. I want to be able to cook for myself, but I need help.

My sister gave me the book The Uniquely Me, and I initially gave it back; I didn’t want it, but she left it for me. I was bored, so I read it. I was really liked it as I no longer felt alone with being judged by other people. 

What I learnt is that being who I am is okay and that there are people like Jacqui, my mother and sister and the people in the book Uniquely Me who understand me. It can be lonely being different but I also like who I am!”

When I asked Danny what advice he would give others who are struggling like he has been he shared with me:

“ Keep being you, know what you are good at and don’t change for anyone!”

Such a powerful quote from Danny and a message for all of us.

*** Please note the photo used is NOT Danny ****

To purchase the Uniquely Me book or order your coffee mug, Uniquely Me

Written by Jacqui Grant with Danny's input

(C) 2023 Connect and Grow Magazine November 2023 Edition 3

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