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Uniquely Me

Connect and Grow Magazine - October 2023

Giving back to others.

We have a bigger goal and dream, which we will share more as time passes; for now, we gift to others in the community who need our help.

On October 1st, we launched the Uniquely Me book, which has sold over 300 ebooks.

Uniquely Me book has given a voice to many people with a disability who felt unheard.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Elisha; she shared with me what it is like to live in a wheelchair now as her MS has progressed to the point where she can hardly walk.

Here is some of what she has shared with me:

“ I always knew the day would come when I would need a wheelchair; however, until it occurred, I had hoped I would have a bit longer being able to walk.

The part I find the hardest is the looks of pity people give me; the others are the looks of frustration when I am in line at a store and a little slower to move forward. Little do they realise how much effort it takes to learn to use a wheelchair.

I have incredible support workers; however, it took me 18 months to find the right ones. I did have many who focused purely on the money they earned to assist me; they spent a lot of their time on their phones, and when I asked for help, I could hear them letting out a sign of annoyance.

I recently read Jacqui’s book Uniquely Me and loved it so much that I reached out. I want people to know that we are all human beings, no matter how we look or what we can or cannot do. I love the idea of the Uniquely Me project, and I encourage everyone to be part of it.“

Elisha Thomas - NDIS participant.

To purchase the Uniquely Me book or order your coffee mug, Uniquely Me

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 2 October 2023

(C) Break Free Consultancy October 2023


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