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NDIS Providers and Participants - Understanding NDIS as it is now...

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 6 February 2024

So many changes potentially coming


Once again, NDIS and Bill Shorten have been in the news over the past month.

Let’s start with the current changes for Providers.

Person Centre approach is the best way to grow your business and work with those who require your services

We are now over 6 weeks since the Disability Service and Inclusion Act 2023 came into effect, and many businesses' are still to read and understand it.

A comprehensive document that sets out what all businesses follow as part of providing services to a person with a disability, irrespective of how a person is paid for those services.

In the media, there has also been the announcement of the task force to work on the NDIS registration process for all business that provides services to those with an NDIS plan, and there has also been the announcement of removing a percentage of children aged between 0-14 years of age off the scheme over the next 3 years, what this looks like and how it is implemented remains to be seen. What will happen and where those people can go also remains to be announced and seen, as there are over 300,000 children currently with an NDIS plan.

It is important if your business is not NDIS registered and if your services is primarily children, then it is going to be important that you keep an eye on both the media and the NDIS website for any changes and announcements, as there is a strong potential you will need to review your business plan and think about your business structure and services.

Do you have a business contingency plan for any changes that may occur which are outside of your control?

Now maybe a good time to look at your business plan and what you can change as you plan out the next 5 years.

People with an NDIS Plan

Navigating NDIS can be challenging especially when you already have some challenges with day-to-day live. With the talk of every business registered this has the potential to change the way you engage a service provider.

Tips and strategies for finding the right service provider for you:

Notice if the person offers to meet you first in a place where you are comfortable

Do they show an interest in you and what you require from them as a service provider?

Do they jump into discussing the money side of things quickly, this can be an indication their focus is money-driven.

Do they have the skills that you require them to have to provide the services you require and if they don't are they willing to under training?

Are they asking you the days and times that work best for you or indicating they can only do certain days and a minimum number or hours?

Always remember this is your life and your NDIS plan, you or your nominated person are to ensure that you have enough funding for the services included in your plan and part of that is knowing what each section of your plan covers, for example, core support is primarily support worker, low-cost technology and potentially gardening, cleaner depending on the purpose of your plan and supports required it could include home and living. When engaging a provider it's important to know roughly how many hours of service you require and the hourly rate that is within the plan budget. Some providers will automatically want the maximum rate in the pricing arrangement however you do have the choice to state a lesser rate, remembering to be fair and reasonable.

If you are unsure at any time, people who may be able to assist you are advocates, LAC, and Support coordinators. It's important that you ask questions about your plan and services, after all, it is your life!

Written by Jacqui Grant

(C) 2025 Break Free Consultancy

Disclaimer : All information is correct at the time of publication

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