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NDIS Providers and Participants - Change is in the air

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 5 January 2024

Wow, what a year 2023 was for those of us who either work in the disability sector or have an NDIS plan.


The NDIS review handed down 26 main recommendations, and many of them, IF implemented, will see many people who live with a disability impacted.


Businesses will also be impacted.

Let’s start with the current changes for Providers.

A lot has changed for service providers since the 20th of December, 2023, and this appears to be just the beginning.

On the 20th of December 2023, the Disability Services and Inclusion legislation changed the Disability Services and Inclusion Act 2023; the changes include fair pricing for disabled people, incident and complaints management systems, and a code of conduct and complaints.

The legislation applies to every person who provides a service to people with a disability, irrespective of how those services are paid for.

As soon as the legislation. The act was changed. The NDIS updated the Code of Conduct to include Fair pricing for disabled people. What this means is that every person who has a disability is to be invoiced and charged for services the same as the person who does not have a disability. The NDIS price guide limit has a maximum rate; however, participants are encouraged to discuss what is fair and reasonable with the service provider, and then both parties can either agree or disagree.

As a business owner, you mustn't charge those who have an NDIS plan more than you would a person who does not have an NDIS Plan; for example, if you charge a person $45.00 per hour who does not have an NDIS plan, it is only fair that you set a person with an NDIS Plan the same price, not more, even if the NDIS pricing guide limit states you can.

I have a saying: just because you can does not mean you should.

What this means for businesses providing services to disabled people is that you have your documents, policies and procedures in place. ( we can assist you with this) You should know the legislation and the NDIS code of conduct.

You reflect on your current business set-up and process!

Reviewing your business plan and understanding what may need a change for you and your team is essential.

We will cover more changes that are potentially coming in the February issue.

People with an NDIS Plan

For those with an NDIS plan, it is important to note any changes to your plan.

Some people are finding their plans have been changing to NDIA managed as they go through review and put into the PACE system.

The new system - PACE, is where all plans will be located over the next several months. As a participant, you may find that you are asked to verify your service providers, which is a normal part of the transition.

There are discussions from the NDIS review around foundational support programs, which will not be NDIS funded; however, they fall under Health and Education SHOULD they implement them. There have been some people who, instead of getting an NDIS plan, get a Community Connection plan, which has occurred in Tasmania since June 2023.

We are all still learning a lot about the potential changes, and you must keep on top of what is happening with your plan and your funding.

If you have any questions, always contact your support coordinator, Local area coordinator or NDIA. This is your plan, and it impacts your life and your goals.

Written by Jacqui Grant

(C) 2025 Break Free Consultancy

Disclaimer : All information is correct at the time of publication

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