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NDIS - Provider Strategies - October

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 2 October 2023

When it comes to providing services to people with an NDIS plan, it is important to set your business up properly.

As a business consultant and coach, I have many people come to me when something has gone wrong. When the teamwork has fallen apart or there has been an incident and they are now being investigated, this can be very stressful and impact your business in a huge way.

Business compliance is part of every business, and NDIS is no different. A huge part of business compliance is setting yourself up with all your documents, policies and procedures and knowing how to be aware of all the risks involved with the support you provide. Every person has different requirements.

Duty of Care

Every business has a duty of care to be met; with NDIS, your duty of care is to your business, staff and clients. Meeting your duty of care includes completing risk assessments and having a plan for any identified risks. Your insurance company will expect this to be done.

Always follow your policies and procedures for your business; if you do not have them, we at Break Free Consultancy have them available for you to purchase. Learn more: Break Free Consultancy Disability sector Store

Your business insurance will also have the expectation that your business is set up to meet compliance and minimise the risk to everyone involved, which is why your duty of care is so important. This also includes completing risk assessments and care/support plans and ensuring an emergency evacuation plan is in place.

An internal audit of your business can help you ensure you are meeting business compliance and understand what to do in each aspect of your business. We at Break Free Consultancy can assist with those.

Written by Jacqui Grant

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