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Letter from the Editor - December

Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 4 - December 2023

Welcome to December 2023 - Edition 4 of Connect and Grow Magazine.


Here we are with the year almost over, and it has certainly been a year full of change.


We have two feature articles this month. Lisa Twigg , a guest writer, has written about Dementia, and in the book corner, you can find her book.


We also spent time with Ebony Swan, who runs the Date-ability. You can find this article in the NDIS section of the magazine.


We are also covering what we know about the NDIS review and also providing some useful links on articles to understand what we know so far.


We are very excited to introduce not one but two new regular writers; you will be able to read their articles in the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing section. You can also meet the full team in the magazine Meet the Team.

 We are celebrating the year that has been ...

Connect and Grow magazine has grown so much since we launched our first edition in September 2023; it was only 20 pages and had 200 subscribers. To see it grow to where it is today is incredible, and sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself that this is real and growing rapidly.

With this being our fourth edition, I am excited to share that the downloadable and print version is over 60 pages; this is how much our content has grown, and we can bring you even more value.

Many people ask me about the number of article views, shares and even how many new subscribers we get for the magazine before they decide if they would like to be part of it, and I am happy to share those stats, which are constantly growing.

I can share with you at this moment in time:

42,000 + article views, 16,000 article shares, and 4,800 new subscribers since October 2023, with November being our biggest month. We receive many messages from people worldwide on the magazine articles, letting us know they are looking at the business' advertising.

Connect and Grow events have been a huge success throughout the year and we are excited about what we are bringing to everyone in the new year.

We have more people sharing about their business on our business listing page, and there are a couple more events you may like to check out.

In Book Corner, we have another author who is releasing their book this month - Lisa Twigg and all about her Amazon Bestselling book 80 Years with Dementia.

Kathy has provided us with 3 incredible recipes this month; make sure you take a look at those.

We still have our 50% savings on all our starter kits and ultimate bundles for those working in the disability sector. 

On behalf of my entire team here in the magazine and Break Free Consultancy, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays; we hope that whatever this time brings for you, you can take some time for yourself.

Thank you for supporting us and the magazine. 

(C) Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 4 - December 2023

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